Best Decaf Coffee Brands for Coffee Lovers | TOP 5 LIST

Best decaf coffee Review

You wake up in the morning and have important work to do. Or maybe it’s the late afternoon and you need that little push…

Regardless of which is your case, the best solution is undoubtedly Decaf Coffee.

I’m sure you’ve tried (and loved) decaffeinated coffee before, but you may not know why it’s so amazing. Well, let me tell you something about it:

  • It’s loaded with Antioxidants and Nutrients
  • It reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • It lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

But most importantly: It helps you get the day started and finished. And you may be wondering: Woah… I never knew that. I’m getting Decaf Coffee immediately!

Only one last question remains though: How do you know which brand has the best-decaffeinated coffee?

That’s what we’ll read today. Here are the Top 5 Decaf Coffee Brands For 2018:

Decaf Coffee?

In the simplest terms, decaf coffee is decaffeinated coffee. This means that it is coffee that has been deprived its caffeine content. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant heavily found in coffee. Its existent and presence have led to the debate of whether or not coffee is a drug, more than it is a beverage.

1. Don Pablo

Are you a fan of the awesome Colombian Supremo? That you’ll definitely enjoy this. It’s basically the same in the taste, just without the caffeine. The taste is never sour or bitter too.

Key Points:

  • 100% Arabica Coffee Beans
  • All natural water-processed decaffeinated Colombian Supremo
  • Very rich and aromatic due to the roasting process

Bottom Line
One of the best caffeine-free coffee brands out there. The incredible taste is a major selling point for this brand. And at a very affordable price, Don Pablo is undoubtedly one of the best tasting decaf coffee brands out there.


2. No Fun Jo

A brand that focuses a TON on quality. No Fun Jo is made from only the top 2% of all Arabica coffee worldwide.

Key Points:

  • 100% Organic Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Lower Acidity Level than most light roast coffee
  • Mild Chocolate Underlying Flavor (No Flavoring Added)

Bottom Line
If you’re looking for amazing coffee on the cheaper side, No Fun Jo is a solid bet. Not only does it taste great, but there’s no hint of bitterness, even when prepared without sweeteners. A Definite Must Try.


3. Sumatra

The only mountain-processed coffee on this list. And for a good reason, Sumatra is an incredible brand that definitely earns its place in the best-decaffeinated coffee brands list.

Key Points:

  • The Roasting Process is conducted in an environmentally friendly coffee roaster
  • One of the fewest Mountain water-processed decaf coffee brands
  • 4 Bag Sizing Options, suitable for everyone

Bottom Line
Hands down one of the best tasting decaf coffee brands out there. If you can get behind the higher price of this brand, you’ll be holding an awesome bag of mountain water-processed beans. Try it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.


4. Kicking Horse

An awesome Coffee brand with an incredible following. Kicking Horse is definitely one of the products with intense marketing. But don’t let their funny and witty nature sound unserious to you. It’s definitely a great coffee brand.

Key Points:

  • Lush and aromatic taste
  • Rocky Mountain-Roasted
  • Organic and Kosher Certified

Bottom Line
It’s extremely unlikely that you’ve never heard of Kicking Horse. With so many people loving and recommending this brand it’s hard for their competition, to well… Compete. If you’re okay with the higher price tag, you’ll experience what others have before you: one of the best tasting decaf coffee brands. Just try it out.


5. Eight O’Clock

This is one of the oldest brands in the coffee industry. It’s a staple. Eight O’Clock is just purely awesome.

Key Points:

  • 150 Years Of Experience
  • Made by a well-established decaffeinating process
  • Packed in Sealed Bags

Bottom Line
Eight O’Clock simply offers one of the best caffeine-free coffee brands. Period. Their taste is simply incredible, which is due to their long lineage of refining and optimizing their brand. A definite must try.


The Decaf Processes

Being a chemical compound in coffee, it can only be extracted through chemical processes. The best decaf coffee is that which undergoes proper processing. The process involves removing water, solvents and carbon dioxide, which together make up caffeine. Below we look at the two main ways of doing this.

Swiss Water Method

This is the simplest method as it only uses water through osmosis to extract caffeine. The coffee beans are soaked in water for a long period of time. Through osmosis, the caffeinated water inside the coffee beans moves to the less concentrated water outside the beans. The high caffeine concentrated water is treated, leaving us with decaf coffee beans.

Carbon Dioxide Method

Unlike the Swiss method, this method does not involve the use of any kind of solvents. Carbon dioxide is added to the coffee beans and attracts the caffeine elements, after which it is then removed leaving us with the best decaf coffee.

Research shows that the decaf process only removes on average 96% of the total caffeine content in beans. Therefore, even the very best decaffeinated coffee will have some traces of caffeine, but only those very sensitive to it can detect. Now we look at both the good and bad sides of decaf coffee, to be able to make an informed conclusion on the subject.

The Good Side of Decaf Coffee

Prevents Addiction

Caffeine in itself is a stimulant whose regular intake makes and conditions your body to be dependent on it. Generally, it is never okay to be addictive to anything, as it means that you have to take the substance, and without it, you are not okay. Decaf coffee is, therefore, a relief to people who love coffee but don’t want to be addicted to it.

Prevents Headaches

Headaches and worse, migraines are a consequence of irregular intake of caffeine. Once addicted to caffeine, missing your psychologically set dose of coffee will most probably result in headaches. This means that headaches are a ripple effect of caffeine addiction. Decaf coffee doesn’t cause addiction and therefore, you will be free from headaches and still enjoy your coffee.

Prevents Insomnia

Caffeine is a stimulant that is very closely related to alertness thus, insomnia. Most people drink instant coffee to stay awake longer. However, drinking decaf coffee will give you the same satisfaction of coffee and also allow you to
sleep. The intake of regular coffee leads to stimulation of the brain receptors responsible for sleep. As a result of the increased reactions and activity in the body, you are deprived off sleep.

Prevents Jitters

It is certain that heavy intake of caffeine makes you dependent on it and any attempt to not take it leads to among other things jitters. This is when your body movements are affected. Most of the times, it is seen in body shakes when you miss your coffee. With decaf coffee, you will have the same taste and flavor minus caffeine, leaving you free of jitters.

Ideal for Heart Disease Patients

For most coffee lovers, it comes to midlife and heart conditions creep in one-way or the other. When it comes to this, the doctors will instantly instruct against drinking regular coffee. This is because caffeine as a stimulant increases the heartbeat, which is definitely not safe for an ailing heart. Decaf coffee, therefore, allows heart patients to still enjoy coffee and not endanger their lives in the process.

Ideal for Pregnant Women

During gestation, women are always advised to watch what they take in, as it doesn’t only affect them but the fetus as well. The effects of caffeine including, increased heartbeat, increased body reactions and insomnia can negatively affect the fetus and hence, not healthy. Decaf coffee provides an option of filling the body coffee need for pregnant women and safe for the fetus.

The Bad Side of Decaf Coffee

Effect on Bones

Decaf coffee has low acidity levels, which leads to stimulation of the body to produce more acid, which affects the body bone structure. The reactions result in a reduction of calcium in the body making the bones weak. In the end, you will be vulnerable to bone diseases such as osteoporosis. You can try low acidity coffee instead.

Allows Accumulation of Bad Cholesterol

Intake of decaf coffee means that there is no increased body activity due to the absence of the caffeine stimulant. On the other side, this means that the minimized body activities allow accumulation of bad cholesterol around the heart, posing a threat to heart diseases.

Inflation of Gastrin Levels

Decaf coffee has lower acidity levels as compared to regular coffee. As a result, it triggers the secretion of the gastrin hormone, which in turn releases acid in the stomach. This increased acidity levels in the stomach are dangerous for people with ulcers and can lead to ulcers for those without it. You can also use a bunn coffee maker to produce a good cup of decaf coffee.

Based on the above analysis, we can safely conclude that as much as decaf coffee has some negative side effects, it is good for the body. In addition, it is even better for your health as compared with regular coffee.