Top 5 Best Hose Reel | 2018 Reviews

Top 5 Best Hose Reel | 2018 Reviews

The best part about warm weather is the chance to spend more time outdoors. Whether working in the garden, washing your car, or simply filling the pool for the kids, buying one of the best hose reels to keep your hose in its place when not in use is smart.

There’s nothing worse than finishing an outdoor project, and realizing you still have to roll a wet and muddy hose by hand when you’re already hot, sweaty, and exhausted. In addition to saving you time and stress of additional clean-up, a quality garden hose reel with the right features has many other benefits.

Why You Need the Best Garden Hose Reel

One of the reasons to use a garden hose reel is to extend the life of your hose. We’ve all experienced a hose that becomes worn and soft or splits from laying in the summer sun day after day. Or worse, a hose that ends up with the end crimped because your husband backed over it with his truck.

A quality hose reel can also help reduce the kinks and tangles in a hose, not only when you’re trying to use it but when it’s not in use. A hose that doesn’t get repeatedly kinked and tangled every time you use it provides more even water pressure too.

Another of the major reasons to use one of the best compact hose reels is that your yard stays organized and looks neater because you don’t end up with your hose stretched out all over the yard or lying in a heap until the next time you need it.

The automatic hose is easier to put away so you’ll be more likely to do it and by rolling it back onto the hose reel, the hose stays cleaner overall. Putting your hose away instead of leaving it lying on the ground also prevents injuries from someone tripping on the hose. When you need to use your hose, it’s much more accessible and quicker to use because you just pull the hose to the length you need without having to deal with tangles.

Features of Best Hose Reel

Most people buy a retractable hose reel without giving it a lot of thought beforehand. They may simply pick one of the best-priced hose reels. But if you take the time to analyze the features of best garden hose reels, you’ll see that putting some thought into your purchase can pay off in the long run.

#1 Materials and Design

The materials can provide some insight into the expected durability of a retractable hose reel. The advantage of buying one of the best quality hose reels is that it can save you money because it won’t wear out or break. High-quality steel construction or a powder coating will help prevent the reel from rusting over time.

Carefully consider how frequently you will use your hose and try to position your hose reel in an area where it will be shaded as much as possible from damaging sun rays and extreme weather. If the location of your hose reel is in a mostly sunny area, consider buying a hidden or enclosed hose reel for additional protection.

#2 Mounting Options

When shopping for a hose reel consider both portability and mounting options. Some reels are freestanding or cemented into the ground and others come with brackets to mount them on a garage wall or the side of your home. These are good for small properties where portability isn’t needed. Some hose reels are lightweight, have a handle for carrying or include heavy duty wheels to roll the reel around your garden or property if needed.

#3 Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of your hose reel is important so that the hose you buy will fit properly onto the reel. Buying a 150-foot hose to go onto a hose reel that is designed for a 100 foot of hose means nothing but headaches. Decide the length and diameter of the hose you need and then choose a portable hose reel with enough capacity to accommodate your hose easily.

#4 Additional Features and Accessories

Fixtures on your hose reel should be brass or galvanized metal for durability and to prevent breakage. Spring reels or retractable garden hose reels are great for long hoses and for anyone who has joint pain or other issues which make turning a crank to difficult. If you need it, there are heavy-duty industrial reels that use water, air, or electric to retract the hose.

Some of the best quality hose reels include a pivoting bracket that makes it easier to use the hose in different areas of your yard when it’s wall mounted. Hose reels with a hose guide to prevent tangles or a viewing window to see tangles as you roll your hose are also great.

#5 Price

Of course, when buying your hose reel, you want to consider the price. It’s a good idea to know your budget before you read best hose reel reviews and analyze prices. Knowing your budget will help you narrow your choices and ultimately make a decision as to the right hose reel for your needs. Depending on your needs, you may decide to pay a little more for a high-quality hose reel with extra features that will prevent headaches when you use your hose.

How to Use Your Hose Reel Properly

One of the things that are important when buying a hose reel is to understand how to properly use your hose reel. Many people have run into issues by buying a hose reel and using it incorrectly or in a way that doesn’t fit with its purpose.

Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that your hose reel is properly assembled and mounted before using your hose. Pull the hose out slowly and steadily rather than jerking it quickly, especially if you have a spring retractable feature. Always make sure your hose reel is stored in an area where it won’t be damaged.

Final Thoughts

Buying a good quality hose reel is not complicated. Simply take some time to think about how you will most often use your hose and where it will be located. Compare several of the best quality hose reels and then choose the reel that has the features that meet your needs at the price you can afford.