5 Positive Ways to Brighten Your Morning


Becoming a parent for the second time around and seeing how exhausting mothering a high-needs baby can be, I have had to tweak my daily schedule to create time for myself in the morning where I can breathe for a moment or two and put myself into a positive frame of mind for the day.

Sometimes it’s not easy to remain positive when you’ve got a screeching baby on your hip and you’re trying to make supper/bath your older child/put in the laundry/whatever else hasn’t been done in a week. But I have found it’s necessary to take those precious minutes in the morning before my children wake up to start my day on a positive note, and hopefully, I can ride out those frustrating times in a calmer, more gentle way.

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Over the past ten months, I’ve found what works for me to help start the day off positively — here are my favorite ways to start the day feeling happy — and stay that way!

#1 Think About all You’re Grateful For


This tip was something I picked up during a conference call. The woman hosting the call said that the first thing she did after she opened her eyes was take a few deep breaths and think about several things that she was grateful for.

It could be the smallest things, like clean sheets, listening to the rain, a fridge full of nourishing food, your new shampoo, that your children slept in — or it could be bigger things, like a job promotion, your spouse, your cozy home that you live in, your family’s health. Thinking about what you’re grateful for in life whether it is something tiny or something big can put you in that positive frame of mind before your feet even hit the floor.

#2 Incorporate Essential Oils Into Morning Routine


Since just before Reid’s birth, I have been slowly incorporating essential oils into my daily life. One of my favorite ways to start my morning is by using a few of my favorite essential oils to help keep myself feeling calm and balanced. After I get dressed I take a few drops of my absolute favorite essential oil blend “Balance” (I began using it religiously during my pregnancy with Reid and now have a very strong attachment to it) and apply them to the bottom of my feet, my wrists, and behind my ears.

I love wearing the oil as a perfume but it also helps keep me grounded and sane during particularly crazy days with my children. Just the act of doing something especially for me, even if it’s as small as applying some essential oils, makes a difference in how my day goes. Spend a few minutes on yourself and it makes a world of difference.

#3 Eat a Nourishing Breakfast Regularly


Nothing feels better than starting your day with a healthy breakfast. There is a huge difference in my day when I take the time, even during a rushed morning, to put together a breakfast full of essential nutrients that my body needs rather than eat the remnants of breakfast and wash down half a glass of water before running out the door.

I can’t expect my body and my mind to function properly when I haven’t fuelled them properly. Smoothies are a really easy way to pack a ton of nutrients into your morning, and you can drink it at home or take it with you to-go!

I like to put together the ingredients I’m going to use in my smoothie the night before (check out Grounded Nutrition for some really great smoothie ideas) so I can throw them in the processor quickly. I feel much better throughout my day when I take the time to eat well in the morning.

#4 Do a Quick Five-minute Yoga Session


I would love to incorporate more yoga into my life, but right now I am strapped for time. I do however have time for a few minutes of yoga in the morning! Yoga has always been one of my favorite ways to de-stress and doing it first thing in the morning before I’m in the thick of breakfast-making, backpack-packing and child-dressing is a great way to get myself in a positive, calm mood to tackle my day.

I usually just do a quick YouTube search for exactly what I need, for instance, “5-minute energizing yoga” or “quick calming yoga session.” This way I am guided through my yoga session and I can focus solely on my breathing and my movement. Stretching out all of those tense muscles and calming my mind before I get going is always helpful to get me in a positive mood.

#5 Meditate


When I first began having anxiety attacks when my child was nearly two, someone mentioned meditation to me. Back then I scoffed a bit and brushed off meditation as being a hokey-pokey hippy thing to do. I finally began tiredly of not feeling like I had any time to just “be” and gave it a shot. I now no longer think it’s some strange practice, but a very necessary part of my morning! Every mom knows that with parenting comes a lot of NOISE.

I embrace the chaos most days. At the end of the day, my head is buzzing. I need a few moments in the beginning of the morning to sit in the quiet, to turn off all of those thoughts about what I need to do and where I need to go, and just sit. Just breathe. Just take the moment in. Our minds are not wired to constantly be doing.

I can’t start my day on the right foot if I am frazzled before I even leave my bedroom, so I meditate for a few minutes (if I can’t sneak in five minutes even just one or two minutes is helpful!). I like to search YouTube for guided meditations or I just sit and focus on my breathing and let go of any thoughts that pop into my head.

Final Verdict

Moms need to take care of themselves. Doing a few simple things in the morning to ensure you feel positive and ready to tackle anything (well, most anything!) that comes your way during your day can be so beneficial to your health and to your family!

How do you start your day off? Any tips or tricks for beginning the day in a cool and calm mood?