Healthy Back to School Lunches


It’s almost time! The kids are going to be going back to school, clothes will need to be picked out and lunches will need to be packed. Do you find that you end up just packing a sandwich and pre-packaged snacks for your children’s lunches every day? The same thing, over and over? Let’s try mixing it up this year! Try out some of these lunch ideas to impress your kids and get them to eat healthier without a fuss!

For starters, what do you use to pack your child’s lunch? If you are using a regular lunch bag or paper bags, it might be time to switch over to the bento box style lunch boxes. Not only are they “in” right now, but they provide an easy way to pack a lunch and clean out the containers when they get home without having to sift through your Tupperware cupboard.

Bread can stay!

Bread Sandwitch

Sandwiches can still be present in lunches, they aren’t terrible, but instead of the good old PB & j or ham and cheese try some alternatives. For a nice treat, spread some cream cheese on a healthy bread choice and fill the middle with strawberries! It’s a healthy sandwich snack that your kids will love!

Another version of sandwiches would be wrapped. Using a whole wheat based soft tortilla, add some chicken and avocado with lettuce to make a healthy main course for your child’s lunch. You can add anything you would like to on wraps.

The infamous salad sandwich or wrap might be a good option for your family. Take the items that you would normally put into a salad, and make it a sandwich or wrap instead! It will be enjoyed by all and keeps much better in a lunch than a regular salad would. (Always be sure to choose a healthy bread or tortilla!)



Believe it or not, if you freeze smoothies right after making them you can put them into a lunch and not only will they be perfectly thawed by lunchtime, but they also won’t change colors before that time, it’s magic!

Instead of sending them to school with yogurts and sandwiches, make them their favorite smoothies store them in the freezer and toss it in the lunch box before they leave. These also work as wonderful ice packs for other foods around them! (Small mason jars work best for this).

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Granula Recipe

Making homemade granola is easy and it provides a healthy filling snack for lunches. Add your child’s favorite chocolate pieces to make it a special treat!

Don’t forget the leftovers!

So many families forget about leftovers when it comes to lunches! Those healthy dinners that you put time and effort into can also make for some healthy, fast and easy lunches!

Fruits and Yogurt vs. Veggies and Hummus

Greek yogurt

Fruits and Greek yogurt along with veggies like broccoli and carrots with hummus are healthy lunch options that are also filling. Instead of your child being hungry before they get home from school you can let them fill up on healthy foods for lunch that is easy to prep and easy to pack. Make sure to pack each dip and veggie type separate to avoid them going bad or mixing too much before it gets eaten.