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Best Instant Coffee Reviews For Your Morning Cup

Are you looking for the best tasting instant coffee in the world? But live a far too exciting life to wait around for a fresh cup? I have scoured the world to find the best ready brew coffee, to save you from the disappointment of a terrible tasting cup of coffee.

If you’re anything like me, that first cup of low acid coffee of each day is sacred. It sets the tone for the whole day ahead. A hot, steaming cup of deliciously aromatic, smooth, earthy coffee can make my day zing with inspiration and motivation. A watery, thin sad excuse for coffee will almost certainly leave me feeling grumpy all day.

So, here we have it. The world’s best Instant organic coffee brands reviews for coffee lover… Saving your sacred morning cup of coffee.

Best Tasting Organic Coffee List:

Mount Hagen Instant Coffee

Mount Hagen

Shared Opinion By Many: “Best Coffee Ever Tasted” Organic & Kosher Certified Quick and easy to consume Few people complained about their delivery Buy-Button
Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee

Starbucks Ready Brew

Hugely convenient and always on hand Great taste - sometimes even better than brewed coffee Starbucks coffee - millions of people trust this brand of coffee every single day Can be quite strong and could keep you awake if you drink it late at night and suffer from sleeping problems Buy-Button

Folgers Classic Roast

Easily dis-solvable in water Quick and convenient coffee Great value for money Taste can be a bit too strong unless sweetener is added Buy-Button

Four Sigmatic

Organic dual extracted mushroom in each cup of coffee Get a balanced immune system and lower inflammation Improve your natural ability to fight infections and bacteria Price is slightly on the higher side Buy-Button

Nescafe Hazelnut

Hazelnut aroma and great taste Quick, instant, ready to drink coffee Nescafe brand name - you know you’re drinking quality Each packet contains 20 single serve packets Buy-Button

Best Instant Coffee Brands Reviews:

1. Mount Hagen Organic Coffee

Mount Hagen Instant Coffee

Key Points:

  • 100% Organic Arabica Coffee Beans
  • First Certified Organic Freeze Dried Coffee In The World
  • Free Of Preservatives and Additives

Taste Test:

This coffee smells divine. It was rich and bold but had no acidic aftertaste. It had a wonderful almost smokey flavor which was quite distinct and set it apart from other coffees that I had tried. Not only that, but the price was very reasonable, especially for organic coffee that you wouldn’t know was fresh!

Bottom Line
If you want coffee reviewed as “better than most brewed coffee”, this is the coffee for you. Instantly prepared, organic and made with strict EU standards, Mount Hagen is a must try coffee for you and your family.


2. Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee

Key Points:

  • Coming directly from Colombia – the best source of coffee
  • Quick and easy to prepare – be drinking coffee in 10 seconds
  • Ability to easily carry around – there when you need your coffee boost
  • Has the Starbucks name – associated with quality and taste

Taste Test:

It’s no secret – tons of people love Starbucks. The reason is that the coffee is delicious. In fact, it comes directly from Colombia, one of the best places for coffee to be sourced.

In a hurry?

Just open a packet, add hot water and in ONLY 10 seconds, you can start enjoying the rich, smooth taste of 100% Colombian Arabica coffee – with the distinct walnut flavor that you’ve come to love and long for.

Bottom Line
If you want a coffee that is backed up by a worldwide brand name, which is quick and convenient and allows you to be set up and done in just 10 seconds, the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee is the perfect coffee for you.


3. Folgers Classic Roast Coffee

Key Points:

  • Best value for money
  • Perfectly convenient for a cup of coffee on the go
  • Easily and quickly dissolves in hot water

Taste Test:

If you’re looking for a quick cup of hot coffee in the morning to pick you up, Folgers coffee is for you. It compares reasonably well with other strongest coffee available on the market and will allow you to just add hot water, dissolve the coffee easily and quickly and be done with the whole process before you know it.

It also tastes pretty good and will give you a flavorful blend as soon as you add your favorite cream or sweetener mix. Giving you the best value for money – considering the amount of coffee you get for the price you pay – this is one of the best deals we’ve ever seen.

Bottom Line
Folgers Instant Coffee provides you with up to 120 cups of coffee (per bottle), so considering all the pros that it offers, it should really be a no-brainer when it comes to choosing your quick, pick me up for those extra hard mornings.


4. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Key Points:

  • 100% Organic Arabica Coffee with Two Functional Mushrooms (Without The Mushroom Taste)
  • Each and every batch is tested against pesticides, mycotoxins, and other harmful stuff
  • We add a special adaptogen that makes this our most creative cup of coffee ever
  • Our wildcrafted organic mushroom helps support immune functions

Taste Test:

Did you know that when drinking the four sigmatic mushroom coffee, you can boost your metabolism and crank up your performance without twisting your body in the process?

You will also avoid stomach burn, something that could happen when people drink acidic coffee. Not with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee. Due to our highly alkaline forming mushroom, you will solve the acidity problem and get smooth tasting coffee – all at the same time.

Backed by models, nutritionist and athletes, this is the coffee for the person that wants maximum performance in their daily life. Additionally, read our Bunn coffee maker reviews to grind your morning coffee.

Bottom Line
If you’re interested in getting more out of your day, this is the single best way to start it. Drink a vegan coffee that not only tastes good but will also make you feel good and perform at your very best. The Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee is the solution to all of that.


5. Nescafe Hazelnut Taster’s Choice Coffee

Key Points:

  • 100% pure premium coffee
  • Nutty smooth hazelnut flavor
  • Individual packages give you a fresh cup every single time
  • Convenient and on the go

Taste Test:

Pure premium coffee beans with the added flavors of hazelnut. Could it get any better? Take only as many packets as needed and you’re off. This ensures that your coffee will always be fresh as well as quick to prepare. Empty one packet of Nescafe Tasters Choice into your coffee cup, pour hot water, stir and enjoy.

You won’t even be able to tell its instant coffee – it’s that good!

Bottom Line
It all starts with a Nescafe. The hazelnut aroma flavor ensures that you will always be looking forward to your next cup of hot coffee. Whether you want to start your day off right or get a quick boost when you start crashing, the Nescafe Tasters Choice is the best tasting organic coffee to go for!

Is Instant Coffee as Good as Regular Coffee?

1The Antioxidants and Nutrients

Even though instant coffee is brewed coffee that has been dehydrated or freeze-dried, it has fewer nutrients and antioxidants. The process of creating the instant coffee is said to remove some of those nutrients and antioxidants.

2The caffeine level

Whereas a regular cup of coffee (8 ounces) would contain approximately 100-200 mg of caffeine, instant coffee contains 30 to 170 mg of caffeine.

3The convenience

Instant coffee requires hot water, a cup and is ready quickly whereas regular coffee requires more effort and takes longer to brew

4The price

You’ll find most instant coffees to be priced much cheaper than regular brewed coffee.


The Acrylamide in instant coffee is much higher than in brewed coffee. Acrylamide is a naturally occurring chemical that results from high-temperature heating, but it is known to cause cancer in animals and per the FDA it can cause nerve damage. Instant coffee has more than 35 times parts per billion of Acrylamide than brewed coffee.

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