How to Ruin Your Kids Summer in 5 Easy Steps


Apparently with one sheet of paper I was able to destroy my teenager’s entire summer. (It’s the superpower I now possess – beware!)

I made this list more for myself than for the kids, because it is easy for me to get lost in projects and loose time with the kids. BUT I titled the paper “Before Electronic Games” and this was the cause of the outrage!

The 5 easy steps are:

#1 Chores

The kids are slave-driven to do about 20 minutes of chores each day – you know: make a bed, put away clothes, load a dishwasher, feed the animals….

#2 Be Creative

Then I had the nerve to suggest 20 minutes of Creative Time…Paint, Draw, Build…. I know, I am deeply ashamed.

#3 Be Active

40 minutes of “Being Active” – my plan: Swim, Play Outside, Hike… the Horror!

#4 Show Love

20 minutes to “Show Love” – Maybe help grandparents, make a card or treats for someone?

#5 Read a Book

40 minutes of reading – “Do comic books count?” ask me that again and you will read Tess of the d’urbervilles with a 5-page report!

So, I am going to go reflect on the fact that I have broken my child’s summer dream of sleeping in and zoning out and make another list.

This one will be some creative ways to make our creative time boring. Maybe, buy some canvas for painting. Creating yard sculptures from cement. Laying and watching grass grow.

kids summer activity