What is the Average Size of a Bedroom?

Average Bedroom Size

When you are building, you will want to pick a bedroom size that is not too big or too small. But how do you determine if a bedroom is too big or small?

The truth is that there is no standard size for bedrooms. The supposed standard will depend on where you live, the type of house you live in, your living standard, and even preference.

Let’s first look at the average room size for certain room types.

What is the Average Size of a Standard Bedroom? 

This room is designed for teens or youngsters in the home. The average size of this bedroom type should be around 132 square feet. It could be smaller or bigger than the size we mentioned, but your personal preference should inform that decision.

For instance, if the room you currently occupy is 132 square feet, but it is too small for you, you need to make the new one bigger.

You should also consider the things you will be putting into the room such as furniture and the number of occupants of the room.

Tips for Dealing With a Small Bedroom

Sometimes, you will feel cramped in your bedroom because it is smaller than you will want it to be. Expanding it is usually out of the picture because that will involve a lot of time, energy, and money.

Check out some things to do to make the small room more comfortable.

Choose the Right Furniture

The size of the furniture you will place in the room must correlate with the size of the room. Don’t put a piece of oversized furniture into a small room. If you really need a sleeping recliner in the room, opt for a it instead of a couch. A couch may take up a lot of room.

Choose the Right Bed Size

The size of the bed also matters. Get an average-sized bed instead of a king-size bed. A king-size bed may take up too much room. It will be best if you get a bed with a minimalistic design so that it does not look too huge in the room. If you still want a big bed, try a queen-size bed instead.

What is the Average Size For a Master Bedroom? 

The master bedroom is not the typical bedroom; It is larger than the regular bedroom. It usually measures around 309 square feet for huge homes.

For medium-sized houses, the master bedroom measures around 190 square feet. It is usually occupied by couples of the household. Since the room is large, a king-size bed is the most appropriate bed size for this room.

Master bedrooms feature walk-in bathrooms, and that contributes to the large size.

As we mentioned earlier, this room is designed for the main couple in the home, but for homes where there are no such hierarchy, the members of the household decide who occupies it.

There is no limit to how big or small a master bedroom can be. But make sure it is big enough to accommodate a king-size bed, dresser, and at least a chair.

What is the Average Size for a Child’s Bedroom? 

A typical bedroom for a child is smaller than the standard room. After all, a child needs a smaller space compared to other people.

The average size for kids should be around 100 square feet. It could be smaller if you are planning to create a play area in another part of the house.

In this case, the kids will not spend a lot of time in the room. But if you decide to create a play area in the bedroom instead, the room should be at least 100 square feet.

What is the Smallest Acceptable Bedroom Size?

Although rooms vary in sizes, there should be a limit to what we term as “normal.” The smallest room size is 7×10 feet. Although this is too small, it can still be called a bedroom — real estate agents market rooms with this sizing all the time.

Any room smaller than this cannot be marketed as a bedroom. Although people who are in dire need of shelter can convert a room smaller than this into a bedroom, it cannot be marketed as such.

We should, however, take note of what makes a room a typical bedroom. Apart from it being bigger than the minimum size, the room must also have the following.

The room must have at least two “openings.” The entry door and a window or skylight. The ceiling should also be at least 7 feet, and the window must measure a minimum of 5.7 square feet.

However, bedrooms at the ground floor have windows that measure 5.0 square feet in size.

Bedroom Sizes Can Differ With Apartments and Houses

The bedroom sizes in apartments can vastly differ from those in homes. Apartment bedrooms are usually smaller. Apartments are usually designed to offer comfort while being affordable.

And that is why apartment bedrooms are equal and smaller compared to that of houses. There are large apartment bedrooms as well; in fact, some are bigger than the rooms in certain homes.

The average bedroom size in an apartment is 11’x12’. This will, however, depend on the location of the apartment. Big cities such as New York usually have smaller apartment rooms.

Now we have answered questions on standard rooms, let us take a look at average bedroom sizes in some other sized houses.

What is the Average Master Bedroom Size in a House Under 2000 Square Feet?

The master bedroom size in a house that measures less than 2000 feet is 231 square feet.

What is the Average Size of a Master Bedroom in a Home Between 2,000 and 2,999 Square Feet?

Master bedroom sizes in such homes are 14% bigger than the standard rooms. The average size is 271 square feet.

What is the Average Master Bedroom Size in a House Home Bigger than 3000 Square Feet?

The average master bedroom for such homes is 43% bigger, and it measures 411 square feet. The size is just a little bit smaller than the average kitchen size in this kind of home. The average kitchen size is 423 square feet.

What is the Average Size of a “Normal” Bedroom in an Average-Sized Home?

The size of the non-master bedroom ranges from 109 to 299 square feet. The average is 202 square feet.

What is the Smallest Room Size for a Twin Bed?

When we take out a toddler’s bed, the twin bed is the smallest. The smallest room size that will accommodate this kind of bed is 70’x10’. This size also happens to be the smallest marketable bedroom size.

What is the Smallest Bedroom Size for a Queen Bed?

The dimensions of a queen bed are 5’x7’. The room should accommodate the bed and leave a lot of space for movement.

Hence, the smallest room in which you can put a queen bed is 10’x10’. You want more room, or if you want to be more comfortable, a 10’x12’ is better.

What is the Smallest Bedroom Size for a King Bed?

A king-size bed is the biggest bedroom size, and it measures 6’x7’. Your room should be at least 12’x12’ to accommodate a king-size bed.

What is the Average Size of a House?

The size of the average house keeps increasing over the years. Today, the average size of a home is 38% bigger than the house available in1900s. The size of the average house today is 2687 square feet.

What is the Average Living Space Per Person?

Now, the birth rate per couple is lower, and homes are bigger than they were in the past. So the average living space per person is also bigger. The current average living space per person is 971 square feet.

Closet Space

A closet forms a big part of bedrooms, and this discussion will not be complete without the mention of closet space.

What is the Standard Size of a Reach-in Closet?

The average size of a reach-in closet measures 6’x8’. It should also be at least 24 inches deep to allow the use of hangers.

What is the Average Size of a Walk-in Closet?

Walk-in closets range from 5’x5’ to 12’x7’. The size is usually dependent on the size of the bedroom and the amount of space you need for your clothes.

Does a Room Without a Closet Still Qualify to be a Bedroom?

Once the room meets all the descriptions of a bedroom, it can be called a bedroom. However, most people prefer rooms with closets. Some even call rooms without closets bonus rooms.

What is the Average Size of a Bathroom?

Bathrooms vary in sizes. The average bathroom for a master bedroom measures 160 square feet. The average for standard bedrooms measures 137 square feet.

What is the Typical Height of a Bedroom Ceiling?

The minimum height for a bedroom ceiling is 7’, but on the average, bedroom ceilings measure 8’ high.

What is the Average Size of a Home Office?

The average size of a small home office measures 8’x10’. A medium home office will measure around 10’x12’, and a large one will measure about 14’x18’.

After a long day, your bedroom is your place of relaxation. It should be comfortable enough for you.

Before choosing a bedroom size, consider the kind of furniture you want to use, the bed size, and the amount of room you want to spare. You should also consider the size of the closet and any other thing you will want to out in the room.

The size of the bedroom should be personalised for your needs so that you can be comfortable. Remember that when you feel cramped in the bedroom, you will not be comfortable.