Best Bible Highlighters 2020 – In Depth Reviews

Best Bible Highlighter

Writing or highlighting words in the Bible is very helpful in remembering better, navigating the word and honoring the lessons. Those who want to begin this practice may be a bit confused on how to start and use the best bible highlighters.

Should you use bright colors or something dull and non-shiny? Do you just use regular office supply highlighters or do you need special highlighters. 

The pages of the Bible are usually thin and regular highlighters can just bleed through them. This will result in messy pages rendering it difficult to read.

So you will have to use special bible highlighter that are bible-safe that will make your bible studies easier!

Not to worry as in this guide, we will discuss the best rated bible highlighters that will get the job done safely and effectively.

List Of  Top Bible Highlighters:

Best Overall: Mr. Pen 18-Piece Bible Highlighters Set

Best Portability: Feela Bible Gel Highlighter Study Kit

Best Longevity: US Office Supply Bible Safe Gel Highlighters

Best Precision Tips: GTL Accu-Gel Bible Study Highlighter Set

Best Recycled Product: Zebra Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter

Best Budget: 2 Sets Of 5 Gel Highlighters

Best Style: Twist and Glide Gel Bible Highlighters

Best For Bible Journaling: Tebik Gel Highlighters

Best Convenience: Shuttle Art Bible Safe Gel Highlighter

Best Technology: Thornton’s Office Supplies Gel Highlighters

The Best Bible Highlighters: Our Top Picks

Mr. Pen 18-Piece Bible Highlighters SetBest Overall

Why We Picked It

Mr. Pen offers a complete 18 pieces highlighter set with six pen-style narrow chisels highlighter, six gel non-bleed highlighters, two desk style full chisel highlighters, two neon lead highlighter pencil, one pencil sharpener for these pencils, one highlighter tape with dispenser.

They comprise of six colors to help color coding, with warm colors to stimulate and cool colors to calm.

Mr. Pen Bible highlighters smoothly glide through the pages without smudging. They do not bleed through the pages with non-toxic, odorless ink and can be safely used to highlight the holy Bible without spoiling it.

It is impressive that the highlighters can also be used on a variety of surfaces like glossy, thick, or thin pages. If your child leaves it uncapped by mistake, do not worry, as these highlighters won’t dry up.

You could easily underline or highlight with the variety of highlighters available in the Mr. Pen 18 piece highlighter set, using them for different purposes altogether.

You could use gel highlighters or pencil highlighters for highlighting the Bible. The other highlighters with vibrant colors can be used for various office and personal use.

Keep in Mind

Some customers complained about the regular highlighter bleeding, though the gel and non-bleeding ones don’t.

In a Nutshell

  • 18 piece highlighter set
  • Six different colors in different varieties
  • Does not bleed through the pages
  • Smooth and easy to use
  • Non-toxic, odorless

Feela Bible Gel Highlighter Study KitBest Portability

Why We Picked It

The Feela gel highlighter set comprises eight pieces of bible highlighters, which are non-toxic and acid-free. The highlighters come in eight unique and vibrant colors that don’t smear or smudge when used.

The unique twist-up design of Feela Gel Highlighters decreases the breakage of gel inside while being protected by a plastic shell outside.

It is non-toxic, which further adds to its safety. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and is even helpful in highlighting the colored boxes in the Bible.

Its pointed tip leads to a smooth and precise highlighting of the Bible or other books and documents. It does not leave a sticky residue or smudge the page.

Due to its design, you do not need to put much pressure while highlighting that could wrinkle the page.

The Feela Set of highlighters comes in a portable see-through plastic pouch, which makes it easy to carry and use anywhere, which is an added advantage.

Keep in Mind

  • Keep these highlighters away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • You need to recap them after use.

In a Nutshell

  • Eight distinct colors gel highlighters
  • Twist-up design
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Portable pouch

US Office Supply Bible Safe Gel HighlightersBest Longevity

Why We Picked It

The US Office Supply Bible Safe Gel Highlighters comprises of 6 neon highlighters. The most significant advantage of these highlighters is their longevity. Once you highlight something with these, it does not fade with time.

So, if you plan to highlight the Bible for future generations of your family, this is the best choice for you.

These highlighters come in unique, vibrant colors. They are light smooth, easy to use, and don’t need pressing while using.

These highlighters do not bleed or smear through pages, nor are they too dark to hide the highlighted text. They have a twist-up gel stick design and work well when used over other inks.

The US Office Supply Safe Gel highlighters are made in a storage pouch and built-in guides that hold the highlighters in their place.

These highlighters, which come in pretty and bright colors, do not dry out too.

Keep in Mind

These highlighters could become sticky if you press too hard.

In a Nutshell

  • Archival-quality
  • Twist-up gel stick design
  • Storage pouch
  • No bleeding and non-smear highlighters

GTL Accu-Gel Bible Study Highlighter SetBest Precision Tips

Why We Picked It

GTL Accu-Gel 6 Piece Bible Study Gel Highlighter Set consists of 6 bright and translucent colors. The tip size of the highlighter is designed to highlight accurately without smudging it.

They are more like a smooth crayon that doesn’t smear. Hence, it is not required to put much pressure or use too much to highlight something.

The stick gel advances by twisting base and lasts long. It does not dry quickly and is perfect for highlighting lines of the Bible precisely without bleeding the pages.

They come in beautiful fluorescent colors and glide smoothly on the paper. These highlighters are safe to be used by all as they are acid-free.

There is a small bible study guide at the back of the package of the GTL Accu-gel 6 piece gel highlighters.

This guide provides color-coding ideas for highlighting lines of the Bible. They come in a sturdy case.

Keep in Mind

Some customers complained that the page became sticky after the highlighter’s use.

In a Nutshell

  • Bright translucent six colors
  • Precise tip size
  • Gel
  • Bible color coding guide

Zebra Zebrite Double-Ended HighlighterBest Recycled Product

Why We Picked It

Zebra Zebrite double-ended highlighter consists of five different medium chiseled and thin point highlighters. The highlighters are of AP- certified non-toxic quality made of recycled materials.

The two ends of the highlighter have two kinds of tips- one thin point and the other medium chiseled, giving you the convenience to choose the highlighting style. It gives you control of your highlighting with the vibrant colors without bleeding.

The barrel is stylish as well as made of recycled material with a pocket clip for a secure grip. The cap shows the color of the highlighter.

Apart from highlighting the Bible, you can use them to highlight documents and books while studying where you could highlight even the smallest of texts with precision.

Keep in Mind

If you press too hard, you will find the ink visible from the other side of the page

In a Nutshell

  • Two-ended highlighter
  • Thin point and medium chiseled tip point
  • Made of recycled material
  • Non-toxic bright colors

2 Sets Of 5 Gel HighlightersBest Budget

Why We Picked It

2 Sets of 5 gel highlighters are the best pick of highlighters, which does not cost much. You can stock these highlighters of excellent quality at a low price. These highlighters are available in five neon colors of pink, blue, green, orange, and yellow.

The highlighters are gel-based and have twist-up tips. When used to highlight, they dry quickly and hence do not smear. They are non-sticky, easy to grip, and glide smoothly on the text.

Thus they are an excellent choice for the Bible with both thick and thin pages.

You could use these two sets of 5 gel highlighters on paper as well as any other surface, including rough ones too. They are even compatible with photocopying machines.

These bright color highlighters come in a pack of two, reasonably priced.

Keep in Mind

The tip is a little blunt.

In a Nutshell

  • A pack of 2 sets of 5 highlighters
  • Reasonable price
  • Does not bleed
  • Compatibility with a photocopy machine

Twist and Glide Gel Bible HighlightersBest Style

Why We Picked It

The Christian Art Gifts Twist and Glide gel Bible highlighters do not smear or bleed the print of the Bible. These gel highlighters are non-toxic and come with a twist-up tip. On the one hand, they do not dry up if left uncapped. While on the other hand, you can use it over something you just wrote with ink.

The colors of the highlighters are bright but clear, which makes it easy to read the highlighted text. They are neither sticky nor are visible from the other side of the page. They also have useful pen clips on caps.

The most distinguishing feature of the Christian Art Gifts twists and glide gel highlighter is that each highlighter has a unique motivational passage from the Bible printed on it.

So, this means they are not only ideal for highlighting, but they also gently remind you of your faith in a colorful way when you are working with them in school or for other purposes.

Keep in Mind

Do not press it too hard else; parts of the tip will crumble.

In a Nutshell

  • Bible quotes on each highlighter
  • Five unique and clear colors
  • Non-smearing and non-bleeding
  • Non-toxic
  • Twist-up tip

Tebik Gel HighlightersBest For Bible Journaling

Why We Picked It

Tebik 10 gel highlighters for the Bible are acid-free and non-toxic ones that conform to ASTM D-4236 & EN71-3 quality standards. It does not smear or bleed through the pages of the Bible. Its convenient grip makes it easy to use.

These highlighters are perfect for a variety of use like highlighting, bible study, journaling, and even other documents.

Tebik 10 gel highlighters for bible glide smoothly, coloring the highlighted text. Its twist-up design prevents the gel from breakage, and the plastic shell protects its exterior. It lasts long due to its advance by twisting base.

Also, it is soft, so it does not require to put pressure on it.

These highlighters come in a smart see-through pack, which is easy to carry. The ten vibrant colors enable you to color code the Bible by creating different sections with its help.

The manufacturers even give a 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction.

Keep in Mind

  • Remember to twist back and recap it after use
  • It should be kept away from direct sunlight and high temperature.

In a Nutshell

  • ASTM D-4236 & EN71-3 quality
  • Ten bright colors
  • Non-smear and non-bleeding
  • Perfect for highlighting, bible study, and journaling

Shuttle Art Bible Safe Gel HighlighterBest Convenience

Why We Picked It

Shuttle Art 16 pack bible safe gel highlighter study kit has 16 highlighters, two each of 8 colors. These highlighters are gel-based and glide smoothly on the text. They are easy to control and use. The highlighters are made available in a clear portable bag.

The Shuttle Art highlighters do not fade, smear or bleed through the pages. Their bright colors are attractive and work well on other surfaces too.

They have a slight point that enables accurate highlighting without leaving any residue.

The color of the highlighter indicated the real color, and the caps are bright, making it easy to distinguish the color. The colors are bright without being too loud. The twist-up gel stick makes it retractable and prevents breakage.

Overall it offers a lot of convenience with easy use, portability, clear distinguishing of the color of highlighters, two highlighters of the same color available.

Keep in Mind

Some customers complain of the black ink of the printed name on the highlighter comes off easily.

In a Nutshell

  • 16 highlighters of 8 colors
  • Bright colors
  • Non-smear and non-bleeding
  • Convenient

Thornton’s Office Supplies Gel HighlightersBest Technology

Why We Picked It

Last but not least, Thornton’s office supplies gel highlighters kit comes with 12 highlighters. On the one hand, these highlighters are non-smearing, non-bleeding on even the most delicate and thin papers.

On the other hand, these highlighters color your text in bright opaque shades, making them stand out from the not highlighted one.

Thornton’s highlighters come in 6 colors with two of each color. The ink-free technology of the highlighter prevents smearing and bleeding through pages, even on freshly written ink.

These highlighters are perfect for archival use, which means it will not fade with time. You could keep your highlighted safe in the same condition for your kids.

These highlighters do not dry out when left open without a cap. The cap also fits in on the highlighter’s ridged end. They can be safely used for Bible highlighting and journaling.

The different technologies used in manufacturing makes it a great choice without smearing.

Keep in Mind

It has a solid tip, which is a little broad.

In a Nutshell

  • 12 highlighters
  • Ink free technology
  • Archival-quality
  • Don’t dry

Best Methods of Highlighting your Bible

There is no right way to journal your thoughts and feelings on the Bible as this is such a personal decision. But there are some popular methods of highlighting your bible which you can take inspiration from. Simply set a code to color which makes sense to you.

For example, if red reminds you of being cautious, highlight those words in red that you need to read carefully. Here is a simple color code:

  • Purple – Facts about God
  • Orange – Keywords or phrases that are repeated often
  • Yellow –Spiritual truths
  • Green – Commands
  • Red – Things that need a detailed study
  • Pink – verses showcasing man’s evilness or sin showing why we need a savior
  • Brown – Whenever God speaks and lays out his plan for mankind

You can also use symbols instead of highlighting the entire passage. This works just the same as color-coding and you can assign a meaning to symbols. If you’re artistic and don’t want multiple highlighters, this method could work great for you.

A few More Suggestions 

  • Start with a journaling Bible which has a large font size, thicker paper, and wide margins. This will be perfect for adding notes to the margin and the thickness will not allow the ink to bleed. Some people also like to jot down thoughts or similar points from a sermon in the margin after highlighting the corresponding scripture.
  • Be organized – Keep all your highlighting supplies in one place. Ideally, this should be with your Bible in a place you prefer to pray or spend time with God.
  • Test any new product in the back of the Bible or a plain page to check if the ink will bleed through or damage the book

Now that you have a complete list of reviews of the best bible highlighters, you can go ahead and choose a perfect one for yourself based on your choice, purpose, and style of highlighting.

Whichever product you choose, highlighting and studying your Bible is a helpful practice that will help you understand God’s Word.

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