10 Best Concrete Stain Reviews of 2020

Best Concrete Stain Reviews

For many years, decorative concrete contractors have been using concrete paint to achieve rich color schemes on concrete floors.

But today, they are no longer limited to paints. Newer products on the market, such as concrete stain, are taking over since they are relatively easier and safer to apply.

Concrete stain refers to a mixture of hydraulic acid, water, and other acid-soluble metallic salts.

When used, stains penetrate the porous concrete and react chemically with lime in concrete to produce rich, earth-toned color schemes resembling wood, marble, natural stone, or leather. Once the reaction is complete, concrete stains become a permanent part of the concrete.

A concrete stain is generally durable. It does not peel, chip, or fade. But, it is essential to mention that no two concrete floors, countertops, or walls will look alike even when stained with the same concrete stain in the same shade.

A wide range of factors such as surface porosity, age of concrete and environmental conditions will always affect the results. Other factors that affect the outcome of concrete stains include:

  • Types of aggregate used
  • Cement properties and amount
  • Concrete finishing methods
  • Efflorescence
  • Moisture content in the concrete when the stain was applied
  • Admixtures used
  • Texture

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So, are you thinking of staining your concrete surface but don’t know the best concrete stain to use?  If so, we are here to help you. In this simple guide, we take a look at the top 10 best concrete stains and factors to consider when shopping for the best concrete stain.

List of Best Concrete Stain:

1. Vivid Acid Stain

2. Concentrate Eco-Friendly Cement Stain

3. Rust-Oleum 247161 Concrete Stain Spray

4. Concrete Acid Stain – Brown Mosaic

5. Acid Stain DIY Kit with 100% Acrylic Solvent Sealer

6. SuperSeal 2000

7. Elevate Water Based Concrete Stain

8. BrandBold Brilliance Concrete Acid Stain

9. Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain

10. Concrete Acid Stain

Best Concrete Stain Reviews:

Vivid Acid Stain

Why We Picked

You can rely on this best acid concrete stain if you want to achieve a variegated and mottling appearance for your concrete surface.

It comes with a quality formulation that offers excellent penetration into the concrete surface, making the stain strongly bonded and much more durable.

Being an acid-based stain, it provides you with supreme bonding strength that holds with the surface even during the harshest weather conditions.

The Vivid Acid Stain is also capable of producing significant color variations over different concrete surfaces.

Keep In Mind

This is a heavily toxic acid stain and may require careful application.

And just like any other concrete stain on the market, the color appearance you achieve after application may differ slightly from what is indicated on the can.

In A Nutshell

The Vivid Acid Stain guarantees stronger binding through its acid formulation.

It also offers incredibly higher coverage of space and the right amount of penetration into the top layer of concrete to enhance durability.

Concentrate Eco-Friendly Cement Stain

Why We Picked

This is a water-based concrete stain that is free of toxic ingredients and environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic and can be applied on any surface.

The water-based formulation penetrates the top layer of your concrete surface quite easily.

The Elevate Concentrate Stain features a wide range of color arrays that you can easily mix to obtain a better color combination.

With its perfect bond, you can have either translucent or opaque surfaces, depending on your preference.

Keep In Mind

The multilayer application required to achieve a darker color may be slightly expensive. The stain may also fail to work well on certain concrete surfaces.

In A Nutshell

The water-based formulation combines safety with convenience. The stain offers incredible bonding and eliminates the risk of environmental pollution since it is water-based.

Rust-Oleum 247161 Concrete Stain Spray

Why We Picked

The Rust-Oleum 247161 Concrete Spray provides a top-quality formulation that guarantees a unique and attractive surface appearance. The applied stain can resist intense moisture action even before it cures fully.

Since it is weather-resistant, you will get a durable coloring agent that will decorate your concrete surface for a long time. The stain is ideal for concrete walls built with adhesives that require moisture protection.

Keep In Mind

the stain may require multiple coats to achieve a better look. Furthermore, application on a relatively wet surface may not work perfectly.

In A Nutshell

The Rust-Oleum 247161 Concrete Spray features a superior formulation that guarantees stronger and better stickiness. It also combines well with other colors to provide a custom appearance, and it is easy to clean.

Concrete Acid Stain – Brown Mosaic

Why We Picked

If you are looking for a concrete stain that is formulated for professional use, then this is a perfect choice for you.

The professional-grade Concrete Acid Stain ǀ Brown Mosaic is designed for both interior and exterior use.

The stain provides you with a much stronger bonding, even on the toughest surface.

The strong binding makes it permanent and durable. Furthermore, it is UV stable and gives your concrete surface a stunning appearance.

Keep In Mind

The color may not be as dense on some surfaces, and application on a heavily wet surface may not hold for long.

In A Nutshell

This concrete stain produces a natural marbling effect, is durable, and its color remains natural without any sign of fading for quite a long time.

Acid Stain DIY Kit with 100% Acrylic Solvent Sealer

Why We Picked

This Acid Stain comes equipped with a kit aimed at providing you with comprehensive guidelines and products required to complete a perfect stain application process.

The stain is equipped with a cleaner, neutralizer, sealer, color reactive concrete stain, and complete instructions on how to do the job yourself.

It means that you do not have to hire a painter to help you with the staining process.

Consequently, this saves you a lot of money that you could have used to hire an expert.

Keep In Mind

The application outcome will highly depend on the texture, age, and porosity of the concrete surface. The stain is also toxic since it is acid-based.

In A Nutshell

The Acid Stain DIY Kit is easy to apply and cost-effective since it comes with comprehensive instructions on how to prepare and apply it yourself.

We highly recommend this kit to individuals who love the experience and satisfaction of staining their concrete surfaces by themselves.

SuperSeal 2000

Why We Picked

The unique feature about the SuperSeal 2000 stain is its aromatic feeling capacity. No matter the surface where you apply it, you will always end up with a nice aroma that will last for a longer time.

The aroma alone creates a good impression for both official and domestic environment.

Although it can be applied on any concrete surface, it is a solid performer on driveways. The stain gives your surface a weighty and glossy appearance that will make it more attractive.

Keep In Mind

the SuperSeal 2000 stain may not be an excellent fit for surfaces that are constantly exposed to water.

In A Nutshell

The SuperSeal 2000 enhances the natural color of your surface and is a good fit for both interior and exterior use. It comes in a leak-proof metal container and is filled with VOC content.

Elevate Water Based Concrete Stain

Why We Picked

Elevate water-based concrete stain contains organic, UV stable light color pigments that provide you with a rich contrast to your natural concrete surface. It is relatively easy to prepare the stain for application.

Simply add clean water to the gallon, shake well, and you are good to go.

It is environmentally friendly and the most preferred water-based concrete stain for interior and exterior surfaces.

Keep In Mind

The stain may not work well on some concrete surfaces, and you will need a multilayer application to achieve better results.

In A Nutshell

This stain is perfect for both concrete and cement surfaces. It can be applied on driveways, pool decks, patios, sidewalks, walls, landscape curbs, interior concrete floors, and even basements.

It offers moderate surface coverage, and its water-based formulation guarantees safety and convenience.

BrandBold Brilliance Concrete Acid Stain

Why We Picked

The BrandBold Brilliance Concrete Stain is specially designed to help you achieve a highly appealing, glazed, and mottled finish on any cured concrete surface.

It reacts with minerals present in concrete, creating a fantastic look and feel of natural stone.

With this stain, you can easily achieve incredible multi-hued color variations on your concrete surfaces.

It is available in more than 14 colors and can easily transform a dull concrete surface into a beautiful masterpiece.

Keep In Mind

This stain might produce a slightly different color from what is indicated on the can and requires thorough preparation before application.

In A Nutshell

The BrandBold Brilliance Concrete Acid Stain is cost-effective, versatile, elegant, durable, and almost maintenance-free.

It is also LEED compliant and a great choice if you are after a stone-like appearance.

Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain

Why We Picked

Kemico acid stain is designed to transform any ordinary concrete surface into an elegant surface with glazed or marble appearance.

It is a perfect choice if you are after a luxurious-looking floor or wall. Since it is acid-based, it offers a highly decorative and low-maintenance concrete floor finish.

The Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Stain is ideal for areas such as patios, driveways, dining areas, and walkways.

It is uniquely formulated with chemical compounds that bond metallic ions with the lime element in concrete to bring out a wide variety of exciting colors.

Keep In Mind

Its application shall only yield the desired outcome if you clean the concrete surface thoroughly and get rid of plastic materials before you apply it.

In A Nutshell

The Kemiko Stone Tone Stain requires low maintenance after application, produces a highly luxurious look on the surface, and is available in a wide range of colors.

Concrete Acid Stain

Why We Picked

The Concrete Acid Stain is relatively easy to apply, which saves a lot of time.

It is ideal for pool decks, concrete floors, driveways, patios, and any other concrete surfaces you may want to make beautiful.

The stain creates a colored transparent, mottled, leathered, and marbleized effect.

Its dark slate appearance gives your exterior concrete floors a much more attractive and unique look that you will love.

Keep In Mind

The application requires extra care since it contains a few toxic ingredients. Also, you may be forced to apply more than one layer to achieve a final dark-colored coat.

In A Nutshell

The Concrete Acid Stain Semi-Transparent Professional Grade offers sufficient coverage area that comes with reasonable cutting time. It is highly suitable for accent pieces and concrete surfaces.

Its stronger formulation guarantees better results and can easily combine with other colors to provide a custom appearance.

Best Concrete Stain Buying Guide:

Getting the best possible concrete stain is always the first step towards creating a highly decorative look on any concrete surface.

However, you will find all manner of stains in the market. It is your responsibility to conduct thorough research to acquire a good stain that offers excellent value.

In this section,  we discuss the different types of concrete stains, things to consider before buying the best stain for concrete floors, how to apply a concrete stain, and answer some of the frequently asked questions about concrete stains.

Types of Concrete Stains

When you go shopping, you will encounter two types of stains. Each one of them colors concrete surfaces differently and offers a unique appearance.

Reactive stains: Reactive stains are designed to react with the concrete surface chemically, producing a unique color that resembles the variance of color the marble has. They are acid-based and also contain metallic salts that react with the lime content in concrete.

Non-reactive stains: Non-reactive stains do not rely on a chemical reaction to impart color on the concrete floor. They are formulated to penetrate the surface and carefully deposit color pigments in the open pores. They work more like paint and come in a much broader palette of colors compared to reactive stains.

Things to Consider before Buying Best Concrete Stain:

As long as you know the various quality-controlling factors, it will not take you long to identify the best stain for concrete for your surface. Here are some of the critical factors you should consider when shopping for the best concrete stain.


The type of formulation should always be your first consideration when shopping for a stain. Consider both solvent-based and acid-based formulations since they provide the quality and strength of stickiness required to produce excellent results. Water-based stains are also great even though they may not be as powerful as acid-based stains.


The penetrating strength of the concrete stain will determine the level of bonding that happens between the stain and the concrete. Therefore, you need a slightly more penetrating stain to reach the deeper pores of concrete for incredible results.

However, you should keep in mind that excessive penetration may increase the cost of application. Therefore, always strive to ensure the level of penetration that occurs is just enough to create the desired outcome.


How easy is it to dilute the concrete stain? While some acid-based stains come when they are ready for use, others like water-based stains need to be combined with other components such as resin and pigment before use.

You may also be required to dilute the stain with water or muriatic acid, especially if you want to lighten its tone. Whatever stain you prefer, it is critical to ensure that it is easy to dilute it before application.

Toxic ingredients:

Some concrete stains contain toxic ingredients that can cause harm if you are not careful when handling it. Acid-based stains tend to contain more toxic elements than water-based stains.

Therefore, if you decide to go for an acid-based stain, make sure you take appropriate precautions during application and storage. Acid can cause severe irritation when it comes in contact with your skin.

Color density:

Achieving a good, dense color for your concrete surface is critical. So, you need to pay close attention to the color density of the stain before you purchase it. Depending on the general condition of your concrete surface, color density plays a crucial role in the overall outcome.

How to Apply Concrete Stain

 Here is a simple, short, and easy-to-follow guide on how to apply a concrete stain.

Repair Any Cracks:

The first thing you need to do is examine your concrete surface for any cracks. If you find any, be sure to repair them before you proceed to the next steps.

Wash the surface:

Pressure wash the surface before you start applying the stain. After cleaning the area, allow it some time to dry.  You should also get rid of any paint, grease, wax, and other contaminants. Consider wrapping plastic around the walls to help protect the brickwork before you start the application.

Apply The Stain:

Take time to prepare the stain following all recommended directions. If you need to mix it with water, do so in the right way. Once your stain is ready, transfer it into an all-plastic garden sprayer. Start applying the stain from a corner and do it gently to ensure it fully covers the concrete.

Add Additional Coats:

For better results, consider applying more than one layer of the stain. But, you will need to wait for some time before applying the second and third coats. Wait for the area to dry up completely before you apply the sealer.

Apply The Sealer:

For better results, consider using a water-based sealer. Start in a corner and apply at least two light coats of the sealer other than a single heavy one. Ensure there is sufficient drying time between coats. Let the sealer dry up completely before you open the surface to traffic.

Concrete Stain Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Use a Stain, Paint, or Dye?

Concrete stains tend to work well on both interior and exterior surfaces to add a unique blend of color to the surface. This is an easier solution to use for outdoor patios and interior decorative floors. However, stains won’t hide your concrete’s flaws because they are translucent.

Although concrete paints also provide a decorative touch, they are better suited to applications that need sealing and protection. For instance, you can use them inside a basement or garage.

Dyes come in handy when you desire flexibility. They give you a wide range of color selection and are often used together with acid stains to produce better results.

Can New Concrete Be Stained?

No. Staining contractors recommend that you allow new concrete to cure for between 29 and 30 days before applying a stain. Sometimes, using curing agents can speed up the process, but you will need to get rid of the curing agent before you stain the concrete.

Since removing curing agents can be tiresome, it is always a good idea to allow the concrete cure naturally before staining.

Can Concrete Be Re-stained?

Yes, you can re-stain a concrete surface if it was already stained. However, the new stain will not be as rich in color as the first one. Some areas may also appear more attractive than others.

How Much Stain Do I Need?

The amount of stain you will need depends on the surface area of your floor. To calculate how much stain you need, divide the total square footage of the surface, you want to stain by the square footage covered by one can of your preferred stain. Round up the result to the nearest whole number.

For instance, if you want to stain 400 sq. feet of floor, and a can of your preferred stain covers 210 sq. feet, you will need approximately two cans of that stain.

How Long Does It Take for Concrete Stain to Dry?

It takes approximately 24 hours for the concrete stain to dry out completely. Always allow your stain to dry out before you can open the area to any traffic. If you are doing two coats, you will need to apply the first coat, allow it to dry for one or two hours before applying the second coat. 

Final Thoughts

So, that is our comprehensive list of the top 10 best concrete stains for 2019. Each product discussed above delivers the best possible quality that you can expect from any concrete stain. 

Although the preferred choice of the best among the group may differ from one person to another, we can guarantee that you will always get a perfect outlook with the right choice.

The right stain for your needs will depend on your personal preference and professional requirement.

Do you think we left out something interesting? Feel free to drop it in the comments section.

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