14 Best Dance Bags Reviews (2020 Updated)

Best Dance Bag Reviews

Like professionals who work well with their toolsets, dancers rely on the best dance bag to put their best foot forward every time (literally!).

My dance bag has saved me in tricky situations, avoided awkward moments, and also cheered me up at odd times.

So, how does a dance bag do all this?

Some of the best dance bags come with fun designs, spacious interiors, elegant back straps, and the best functionalities to offer. With these features, it becomes impossible to leave behind a handy tool like a dance bag for a professional dancer because:

  • It carries most essential dance accessories
  • During long hours the healthy snacks can keep you active
  • Spacious bags can hold a water bottle to keep you hydrated
  • Dancing shoes can easily fit in the dance bag
  • Small pockets to accommodate tickets, hairpins, money, purse and many such related things

While each high quality dance bag has its functionalities that make it a must-buy for you, it does vary as per your need. We have done the heavy lifting and selected some of the top rated professional dance bags for you. 

Follow through the list and check out best dance bags reviews for you and your little ones.

List of Best Dance Bags 2020:

Silver Lilly Dance Duffel Gym Bag

If you love your items neatly stacked with their own space, then the Silver Lilly Women’s duffel bag is a must-have.

With its metallic color and smooth look, it is sleek and classy. For quick shoe access, there’s a side compartment that closes back with the main section of the bag.

As with most people, the phone and water bottle kept together can be disastrous, especially when you are traveling for your dance sessions.

With the separate side-pocket, you can easily remove the bottle without opening the main zip.

And with the phone safely kept in the inside pocket, you can be sure to protect the phone from accidental loss or damage while you practice.

  • Super neat with many compartments
  • Light yet durable
  • Water-resistant

  • Can be a bit bulky if you travel light

Bottom Line
If you’re like me and can’t travel without having all your dance gear with you all the time, then this dance bag with shoe compartment is one affordable dancers backpack to own.

Horizon Dance Tote Bag

If your little one is excitedly after you to get her a kids dance bag, don’t fret. This bright pink horizon dance bag carries around little things.

Even as she prepares to take significant steps in dancing, use the top zipper to stack things inside neatly. The lower zip can fit in the dancing shoes.

And if pink is the favorite color, then the inner pink lining is perfect for your taste.

With the adjustable shoulder strap, the professional dance bag makes for a likely companion. It works well for dance practice as well as for quick errands.

  • Perfect size for young dancers
  • Long-lasting
  • Ideal for ages 2-7

  • Can be small for adults

Bottom Line
Your search for a small yet comfortable high quality dance bag for a young one ends here.

Not only is it attractive, but this irresistible bag also makes for a perfect gift for young girls starting their dancing career.

Mosiso Gym Sports Dance Travel Duffel Bag

For a dance travel bag that adapts to your situation, the Mosiso travel bag delivers on its promise.

This spacious bag comes along for the dance practice and quickly changes into a shopping bag when shopping. And if you are planning a holiday, this doubles up as a travel bag.

It makes it convenient as well as an all-purpose bag. So, if you live in a large family, this works well to be passed around in the house.

Of course, you will want to keep it to yourself when you look at its neat design, high functionality, and ease of use.

  • Fits well for young dancers and adults
  • Amazing design
  • Water-resistant

  • The shoe compartment opens from inside

Bottom Line
When you need a bag that works for any occasion, this dance travel bag stands true to its promise and functions exceedingly well.

BAOHULU Toddler Backpack Ballet Dance Bag

A kids dance bag can be durable and yet immensely cute to take around. This ballet dancing bag, much like a bag pack goes well for 2-8-year-olds. It’s easy on the pocket as well as excellent in design.

The sturdy bag is neatly stitched to accommodate more weight if need be.

So you take along the light dancing shoes, a bit heavy clothes, talcum powder, and the occasional clips, pins and small stuff along.

Of course, when it gets increasingly hot in summer, the two side pockets are quite handy to carry more than one water bottle.

Let your little ballerina enjoy the great interiors to keep all her dance accessories.

  • Compact yet small to carry for young dancers
  • Strong and sturdy bag straps
  • Attractive design

  • Might not be suitable for grown-ups

Bottom Line
When in doubt, this ballet bag is the perfect gift for a young ballerina on her way to start her dancing journey.

Bloch Dance Ballet Studio/Gym Duffel Bag

I like ballet dance bags that are not flashy and keep it classy.

This Bloch bag is one such bag that is simple and functional. Its adjustable shoulder strap allows access to young as well as pro dancers.

Because the detachable strap comes with a support pad, it is easy to carry along wherever you go.

It is meant to hold your dance shoes, accessories, warm clothes, water bottle, and your stuff for many days.

Since it has a spacious interior, you can take along quite a few things. Besides, there are end pocket features that come with a secure zip.

  • Well-aerated side pocket for shoes
  • Classy with spacious interiors

  • It does not have a vertical space for a water bottle

Bottom Line
For a no-frills person high on functionality, this makes for a good companion for your everyday use that goes well along with your dance classes.

Kilofly Girl’s Ballet Dance Sports Gym Duffel Bag

When your existing dance bag leaves odors challenging to avoid it’s time to get hold of a new ballet dance bag.

The Kilofly’s dance bag comes with ventilation that eliminates any odors. This water-proof bag has a separate pouch for your small accessories, makeup, and cosmetics.

The water-bottle can be smoothly inserted in a separate compartment meant for it inside the bag.

What is more interesting is the multiple pockets to keep all your items organized inside the bag. It makes it easy to remove the items in a line together without messing up.

A separate shoe compartment protects your clothes from coming in contact with the shoes.

  • Water-proof bag
  • Odor control with good ventilation
  • Adjustable shoulder strap

  • The strap might not take a lot of weight

Bottom Line
Kilofly’s dance bag with its ventilated pockets makes an amazingly odorless bag at all times.

Bella Tutu Pink Girls Ballet Dance Bag

There’s nothing like an irresistible pink bag that attracts the attention of budding dancers. With its soft pink color, it’ gentle on the eye.

The dance bag comes with two pink bows, a pink key chain, and a dancer bracelet. Whether your little one is a future star or a growing ballerina, this pink bag is sure to make her delighted.

The insides come with elastic pockets for the glitter, dance dress and hair clips. The high-quality material means you get to use it for a long time without worrying about wear and tear.

  • Strong and durable strap
  • Well-designed as a gift

  • Will be short for an adult frame

Bottom Line
For that gleeful smile on your little one’s face, this bag is worth the price and exceeds expectations.

Custom Name Dance Bag

Often we are in a hurry to reach our class, gym or holiday destination. In such cases, we end up hurriedly placing things inside the bag.

However, when there is a compartment that makes it easy to organize things quickly, it makes life much easy.

The customised girl bag comes with spacious insides. It allows greater flexibility to moves things around, even with more stuff in the bag.

And the thick vinyl material means you can use the bag for a very long time possibly running for years. If you wish, you can also get personalized dance bag with your name printed on it.

  • Spacious and strong
  • Separate compartments
  • Zippered pocket to separate things

  • It outgrows a child’s frame

Bottom Line
A personalized dance bag that adapts to your needs is ideal.

With this bag, you get a sturdy bag for your dance classes that is spacious and strong too.

Closet Trolley Dance Bag

For those who often travel to dance competitions, going light is a must.

However, a professional dancer can’t do without the accessories, dance shoes, spare clothes, and cosmetics.

It means a dance bag with rack that works as a gym bag and with a crossbar is a blessing for most.

My search for such a compact yet highly functional dance bag ended with this one. It is lightweight, has been around for many years, and is however intact.

The crossbar can be extended to hand the clothes without unpacking your stuff.

With minimal effort, you get to organize your makeshift closet and trolley bag and yet have space for all things. Highly recommended, especially if you often travel to dance.

  • Large yet lightweight
  • Many features
  • High-quality material

  • Might not be a good fit if you dislike assembling

Bottom Line
For frequent travellers who engage in dance sessions, this best dance bag with rack is a lifeline, especially when it allows for a lot of space and set up in a small area too.

MarsBro Sports Gym Travel Weekender Duffel Bag

I like to try different bags for dance practice, gym, on holiday and while traveling for work.

This MarsBro bag is something you must have when you want to keep your things safe and secure. It has water-resistant material.

So even if you keep things in the outside pocket, the inside things will remain dry.

Small pockets make it comfortable to slide things like wallets, handkerchiefs, phone, and tickets. The separate shoe compartment is an added benefit when you are on the road for a long time.

  • Ideal when you travel for many days
  • Works as a handbag and shoulder bag
  • Many zippers to insert small items on the go

  • Can be bulky for short travels

Bottom Line
A multi-purpose bag is a treat, especially if you travel with the family or group.

The bag allows you to carry many items with spacious interiors.

Girls Dance Duffle Sequin Star Bag

The sequins on the bag make it a super attractive bag to own and carry. It’s lightweight and makes for a perfect gift for young dancers going for regular practice or dance classes.

The strap is just right for a six-year-old.

The sequins don’t interfere with the clothes. It’s easy to keep dance shoes, accessories, clothes and much more. It comes with an interior pocket, exterior mesh, and open pocket.

  • Great for dance as well as parties
  • Fancy yet functional

  • Not meant for heavyweights

Bottom Line
If you have been eyeing a fancy yet functional bag to gift the members of your dance group, this is one of the best gifts.

Gym Travel Dance Bag By Didad

Most professional dancers carry along with a stunning bag that has many features and looks luxuriously classy. Didad’s dance bag is one of them.

It comes with high-grade oxford fabric that is water-resistant. Strong stitches and the smooth zipper is another excellent feature.

It comes with a zipper below that can accommodate shoes. It is spacious to carry even a laptop in in-flight, on holiday and for dance competitions.

  • Stylish and spacious
  • High-quality material
  • Separate wet and dry compartments

  • Can be bulky is you have few things

Bottom Line
As you grow from a novice to a trained dance professional, you must upgrade your bag too.

And there’s no better way than to get hold of this immensely stylish, compact yet spacious bag.

MHJY Mermaid Sequin Bag

This sequin backpack comes with a drawstring closure that keeps things intact. The inner pocket fits in small things even as you support the bag with the adjustable and robust rope.

And with the soft shoulder bags, your little one will be more than delighted to carry it around.

If you are in the market to search for a unique yet straightforward eye-catching gift for a girl starting her dance classes, then this bag makes for a great companion.

She can take it along for school, dance practice, and even while attending birthday parties.

  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • Stylish and classy

  • Not meant for heavy items

Bottom Line
Searching for the best bags can be difficult. And when it comes to kids, they can be picky. This is one bag that is perfect for all occasions for your little one.

No-fuss with this stylish and spacious backpack for the tiny dancer.

Cute Ballet Dance Bag By Debbieicy

Not all bags carry the tag of being fashionable yet comfortable on the pocket.

Cute ballet dance bag with its bright pink color is endearing and perfect for ballerinas. It comes with stylish embroidery, adjustable gold belt, and name note.

The metal zipper is another feature that adds to its beauty. Also, the lace decoration gives it a soft look. It comes in black and pink.

  • Amazingly stylish and spacious
  • A strong yet soft look

  • Might not be suitable for heavy things over a long period

Bottom Line
If your little princess is waiting to complete her dance accessories, this is a must buy. This stylish and spacious bag is sure to light up her face.

How To Choose The Best Dance Bags?

Buying a bag can be so exciting! And giving it as a gift to a young dancer can make it even more fun.

However, before you buy one take a look at our buying guide to make the occasion a moment to cherish!

Who Will Use This Bag?

Dance bags have been around for a long time. With time they have evolved to accommodate our every need.

While each dance professional is at a different stage in their career, having the right dance bag makes a big difference.

  • Who will use this bag – a kid or an adult?
  • Is it used frequently or for special occasions?
  • If often, will it be taken for dance classes only?

If it’s for special occasions, what’s the type of bag to carry along?

Pick The Right Size

Now that you have cleared the first set of questions and are quite sure of the use of the bag, let’s understand why the size is essential.

Bags represent your personality in many ways. You may not realize it, but that’s what people notice about you.

So, consider your height and personality while choosing a bag. It will go along well with your other dance accessories too.

And if your budding dancer wants only one particular bag, reason out in your mind if it will complement her personality for a few months or years till she uses it.

Check Required Features

I often buy bags on an impulse. Can’t blame me! Bags are irresistible. But when I go beyond the looks to use it, some do disappoint.

Take a look at the usability before you go ahead and buy it. Dance bags require compartments to segregate all the stuff so that you find it easily.

And being strong enough also means it can sustain even in rough hands.

Some questions to ponder over. Is the material of high quality, does the zipper look sturdy enough for rough hands, can the bag carry just enough weight you want it to?

These are some unique features in the bag that can let you arrive at the right reason for taking it.


If your child’s birthday is around the corner or there’s an occasion to celebrate, it makes sense to gift her beautiful dance bag.

However, if you end up buying a bag that’s cute but one that’s not going to be used anytime soon it’s going to catch dust in the corner cupboard.

If your kid is getting ready to start a dance class or participate in dance competitions, then it’s apt to get a dance bag that’s meeting her needs.

You can also surprise her with a small yet functional bag or one with a rack just right as per the age of the child.

Bag Type

Won’t it be easy if a bag is used for many occasions in different ways? Use it as a dance bag, carry it along to the gym and also while shopping.

While dance bags work well when used for dance practice, it doesn’t hurt if it doubles up for other activities too.

If you are always on the move from dance class to shopping, picking groceries, watching movies, and attending events, then an all-in-one bag can be a handy tool around.

With this quick guide, you can pick a bag that will stay with you for long. Besides, it will motivate your kid to take care of her things and keep them together always in the bag.

A young beginner will have essential accessories while a pro dancer will ensure the bag looks and feels excellent besides being highly functional.

We hope this list gave you some of the best dance bags for competitions to explore this season!