Best Felt Tip Pen Of 2020 – In Depth Reviews

Best Felt Tip Pen Reviews

Best Felt tip pens are very versatile as they add color to a project or art. They dry quickly; thus, users will have little to no smudges.

Also, the writing pens come fully loaded and ready to use. Some allow you to refill the pen once the ink is depleted while others are disposable.

So, why do you need the best felt tip pen?

  • Best Felt tip pens come in various colors. The colors can range from as little as two to as many as 36. All the colors are different. They are also vivid and bright, which means that you can use them for tasks such as labeling, writing, drawing, coloring, or doodling.
  • The pens use ink that’s waterproof and compatible with different surfaces.
  • Most felt tip markers use water-based ink as it is waterproof, smudge-proof, and doesn’t bleed through.
  • Ideal for creative projects. Felt tip pens come in many colors, which is precisely what creative artists need for their projects.
  • Felt pens with bigger tips can be used for highlighting. Also, oil-based felt tip markers can write on different materials, which makes them ideal for inscriptions.

List of Best Felt Tip Pens:

1. Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

2. AmazonBasics Felt Tip Marker Pens

3. Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens Medium Point

4. Pentel Sign Pen – Fiber-Tipped

5. Pentel Color Pen – Set of 36

6. Monami Plus 3000 Office Sign Pen

7. PILOT Razor Point II Fine Line Marker Stick Pens

8. Monami Plus 3000 Complete Set

9. WallDeca Felt Tip Pens

10. 36 Colors Journal Planner Pens

Best Felt Tip Pens Reviews 2020:

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

Why We Picked It

The Mate Flair is a classic writing pen that has been tried-and-tested. The Paper Mate medium assorted is an upgrade to the classic, which has been in use since 1966.

It comes with 12 colors, and the pens have 0.7mm medium-sized nibs, which are protected with Point Guard Technology. The guard comes in handy as it averts fraying, which allows you to use the pen for longer.

The caps fit securely and make a satisfying click. Despite the deep and secure hold, the lids are easy to take off. There is also a metal clip that’s firm yet springy. It’s also not flimsy; thus, it won’t break easily.  

The design of the barrel resembles a long cigar. On the side is the name Paper Mate Flair M, which has a pleasant touch to it.

A quick look at its package; you’ll notice the words, “Won’t bleed through paper.” You see, nothing is quite as annoying as writing on a piece of paper only to find out that the ink seeped through the page.

Fortunately, Paper Mate Medium Assorted doesn’t bleed, and it uses smear-resistant ink.  

Keep in Mind 

The nibs might be perfect, but they are not long or soft enough for modern calligraphy.

In a Nutshell 

  • Point Guard Technology
  • Water-based ink that doesn’t smear or bleed through
  • Medium felt tip

AmazonBasics Felt Tip Marker Pens

Why We Picked It 

The AmazonBasics Felt Pens are similar to the Flair Pen from the design to the colors.

However, unlike the Paper Mate, the Amazon Basics uses a white plastic porous tip with a medium point while the Paper Mate has a clear tip.  

They come in a colorful set of 24 pens that use water-based ink. The vibrant markers can be used by kids and adults to showcase their creativity. Additionally, the pens feature anti-smear ink that dries fast. 

It does not seep through the pages, but if used on a very thin sheet of paper, you might see a little bit of ink on the other side.

The AmazonBasic pens feature a non-fraying tip. They also have a fine tip that’s ideal for detailing and fills. 

Keep in Mind 

The pens are great, but they bleed through thin papers. However, they are just as effective as Paper Mate Flair pens.

In a Nutshell

  • Smear-resistant ink
  • Plastic exterior
  • Colorful selection of 24 marker pens
  • High quality water-based in

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens Medium Point

Why We Picked It 

The Paper Mate Flair pens are very attractive and feature bold colors that come in a pack of 2, 4, 12, or 36 pens.

The pens have a matte finish and a clear tip guard that adds to the aesthetic. This ensures that the tips do not fray when writing.

Also, the aural feedback feels less squeaky than the classic mate flair. The tip is also firmer and writes better. 

The pens are well priced and stack up well with some of the premium pens. They leave thick lines that don’t take forever to dry.

You can use the pens to sign autographs or typical writing as they don’t bleed except if you draw over the same area repeatedly. Also, the pens use a water-based ink that is smear and fade resistant.

The design has remained the same over the years, with a few alterations. The reason behind the minimalist design is that it’s simple but very effective.

Keep in Mind

Each pen is made of plastic, which looks cheap and shows oiliness or fingerprints.

In a Nutshell

  • Point Guard to prevent fraying
  • Smear-resistant ink
  • Medium point(0.7mm)

Pentel Sign Pen – Fiber-Tipped

Why We Picked It 

The Pentel pen features a plastic exterior that doesn’t roll easily. It also has a cap that closes with a snap, which prevents the tip from drying out. Additionally, the writing pen will feel right in your hand as it’s easy to handle.  

The Pentel Sign pen comes in a set of 12 intense colors. The pens have fiber tips that, according to the manufacturer, took at least 8 years to make.

The fiber tip is encased in a metallic section that looks durable. The rest of the pen is made of plastic. Its design comprises of a shorter barrel with a logo in its center.

Interestingly, Pentel is also part of the recycling movement as their pens comprise 80% recycled materials. The pens use a water-based ink that’s odorless and water-soluble. This also means that you can blend the colors; however, the result isn’t that impressive.  

Pentel pens are versatile and can be used for drawing, illustrations, calligraphy, bullet journals, hand lettering, etc. 

Keep in Mind 

Despite being made of 80% recycled materials, the Pentel pens are disposable since they are not refillable. 

In a Nutshell

  • Water-based ink
  • Snap-fit cap
  • Made of 80% recycled materials

Pentel Color Pen – Set of 36

Why We Picked It 

Pentel Color Pen is a product of the Japan Stationery Co., which was established in 1946. For over 6 decades, the company has been producing high-quality pens that are used in schools, offices, etc.  

The Pentel color pen features a retro classic plastic casing that has a fiber tip on one end and a well-fitting cap on the other. The pen is lightweight, thus easy to hold and use.

However, it’s made of hard plastic; thus it’s not the most comfortable, but the light body makes it easy to use.   

Considering the size of its fiber tip, the Pental Color pen is not the kind of pen to use for assignments.

However, you can use it for decorations or anything art related. It comes in a set of 36 pens, which allows you to bring out your creativity while playing with the colors.  

The Pentel color pen isn’t a marker; neither is it an everyday pen, but it’s more of a perfect balance of the two. If you want bold lines or calligraphy, this is your pen.  

Keep in Mind 

The pens are not refillable. 

In a Nutshell

  • Fiber-tipped pens
  • Snap fitting caps
  • Made of 80% recycled materials

Monami Plus 3000 Office Sign Pen

Why We Picked It 

Monami Pens have a rich history that spans 25 years. They are made by a Korean company but are some of the best sign pens. They feature 0.3 mm tips 

The tips are made of fiber and are quite firm. This makes them feel better when writing than your average coloring pen.

Since the pens have a thinner and firmer tip, they are more suited for doodling and writing than coloring. 

The pen will feel right in your hand as you will not experience glossiness or skipping. Furthermore, it doesn’t bleed through paper, and you’ll not experience feathering even when writing on cheap paper.  

The fiber tips are durable and tend to last longer than your average felt-pen tips. This because the tips don’t fray or wear out quickly.

Instead, the fiber tips will last even after the ink runs out. Unfortunately, you can’t refill the pens.

As for the cap, it fits securely with a click. It’s easy to take off and keeps the pen from drying. 

Keep in Mind 

Overall, the design of the Monami pens looks amazing, although it lacks some features such as a firm metal clip.   

In a Nutshell 

  • 0.3 mm fiber tip
  • Set of 12 pens
  • The color matches the colors of the plastic barrel

PILOT Razor Point II Fine Line Marker Stick Pens

Why We Picked It 

The Pilot Razor pen has a super-fine tip that isn’t only durable but also has a metal collar to prevent fraying.

The pen features a 0.2 mm tip that is ideal for high-precision writing. It delivers crisp, clean writing and quick drying lines that don’t smudge.

Pilot Razor’s durability is impressive; it can last for months without the tip breaking down, and the ink flow remains consistent throughout.

Keep in Mind 

The sole letdown of this pen is that the ink tends to bleed through, although it’s minimal. While the minimal bleed through might be a letdown, it’s durability makes up for it.

In a Nutshell 

  • Strong fiber point
  • Crisp colors
  • Refined metallic accents

Monami Plus 3000 Complete Set

Why We Picked It 

The Monami Plus 3000 have ultra-thin fiber points. Despite having a hard plastic body, Monami Plus pens are comfortable in hand.

These colored felt tip pens are fun to use as they have vivid colors that bring out the life and fun in any task you are handling. 

The pens are smooth and feel more like a pen than a marker. Additionally, they will not bleed through paper, but they will show on very thin papers. The tips on these pens are sturdy and don’t fray easily.

The water-based ink dries quickly, and it does not smear, which makes it ideal for left-handed writers. Also, the tips are very thin, which makes them ideal for coloring, writing, or doodling.

The barrels do not have any grip, but they are smooth, which makes them comfortable to hold.

Keep in Mind 

The pens are not environmentally-friendly as they are disposable and don’t comprise recycled materials. 

In a Nutshell

  • 0.3mm penpoint
  • Comes in three colors
  • Water-based ink

WallDeca Felt Tip Pens

Why We Picked It 

These 0.5mm felt tip pens come in a set of 8 multi-colored pens that will help you organize your work. The pens use acid-free ink that does not smear, smudge, or have any odors.

The ink is also non-toxic and bright. Using these felt pens guarantees you bright colored fun-filled note-taking.

The pens use a water-based ink that will not bleed through your paper. Additionally, the ink is quick-drying, and it does not fade.

These WallDeca pens are versatile and have a wide range of uses, from note-taking to journalism and other uses either at school, home, or office.  

Keep in Mind 

The ink is smudge able, especially immediately after writing before it dries up completely.

In a Nutshell 

  • Non-toxic water-based ink
  • Versatile
  • 8 vibrant colors

36 Colors Journal Planner Pens

Why We Picked It 

The Fineliner planner pens come with water-based ink, which is suitable for most uses as it doesn’t bleed through paper. The ink doesn’t smear or smudge, and it’s fade resistant; thus, your writings will not fade when exposed to sunlight.  

Fineliner pens come with firm needle-point tips. The tips also have the perfect blend of hardness and flexibility. The needle-point tips are made of plastic, which are not very durable but should last long enough.  

The Fineliner pens come in 0.38mm tips that are versatile and offer the kind of flexibility that artists need.

Their small size makes them ideal for rendering meticulous detail. You can also use the pens for writing or journaling, but they are best suited for art.  

Unlike alcohol-based markers, Fineliners don’t bleed, lighten, or feather. They are also lightening resistant and waterproof.

The pens have a slim design that’s easy to control and comfortable. The pens come in 36 vibrant colors with no duplicates.  

Keep in Mind 

The pens use water-based ink, which is not that good on glossy papers.

In a Nutshell 

  • 0.38mm Fine Tip
  • Non-toxic ink
  • 36 vibrant colors

Tips for Choosing Best Felt Tip Pens:

Tip Size 

Felt pens come in a wide array of sizes; some are below 0.3mm while others go as high a 1.0mm. Your choice will rely on the level of precision required.

For example, artists who want the finest detail should opt for ultra-fine tip sizes. These are tips whose sizes are below 0.3mm.

However, the downside of such tips is that they feel scratchy, especially on textured papers.

Fraud Resistance 

Forgers often use solvents to dissolve signatures or writings, which is why you need a felt pen that’s fraud-resistant. You want a pen that is resistant to solvents such as rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, etc.

Drying time 

Right-handed writers have it easy compared to left-handed writers. You see, left-handed writers are more likely to leave smudges on the books compared to right-handed writers. This is because their left hands rub across the page every time they write.

Such writers need pens with fast drying time to prevent these smudges. 


If you draw or write frequently, you might want to have a pen that is comfortable in your hands. The pen should be ergonomic and feature a smooth barrel that is easy on the hands.

You also want a pen that feels smooth when writing. The smoothness depends on ink composition, design of the tip as well as tip size. Smooth pens allow you to write for longer as it feels right in your hands. 


Pens come in different caps; some are capped while others are retractable. Capped pens are better in many aspects as they offer better security, especially when carrying the pens in the pocket. Chances of ink spilling and staining your pockets are minimal since the pen has a cap.

There is also the ritual that signals the end or beginning of an artistic/writing session when the cap is removed or snapped in place.


Encountering a storm or light shower can be annoying, especially when your books are rained on. Fortunately, using waterproof felt pens ensures that your work comes out unscathed. This means that you won’t lose any of your art or writing.

Intended use

What do you plan to do with then pens? Is it artwork or regular writing? This will guide your decision as it will help you decide on the size and color variations.

Are you interested in calligraphy or handwritten letters? Do you need pens for your signatures at work or an autograph? Your intended use will determine the size of the tip. 


Each of these writing pens has its upsides and weaknesses. The ideal pen for your tasks will depend on factors such as writing style, intended use, tip size, etc. Hopefully, our guide will assist you in making the right choice.

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