15 Best Gouache Paints (2020 Updated)

Best Gouache Paints Reviews

It’s a surreal feeling when people relate to your painting. It gets even better when they comment on the realistic feel to the picture.

As an artist, this is a moment to cherish. And with the best gouache paints, you can give yourself a shot at getting great comments every time you pick a brush to paint. There are many gouache paints on the market.

However, when it comes to picking some of the best ones, it can be difficult. The quality, price, and effect is something that is hard to know without using it. Hence we have done the heavy lifting here and give you a list of the best gouache paints review.

Go ahead and take your pick.

List Of Best Gouache Paints Reviews 2020:

Arteza Gouache Paint Set of 60 Colors/Tubes

Why We Picked It

The Arteza Gouache Paint comes in a massive 60 tube pack.

So if you are a professional artist seeking vibrant and variety of colors together, this is the best pack for you. Each tube has a label of the shades lightfastness rating, color name, pigment details, and opaque level

The ACMI-certification means it’s ideal for you or even a young kid looking to learn painting quickly. The neat pack adds to the beauty of the paint tube.

Since it comes in a box, it makes for easy gifting set too. The rich pigmentation allows for a dense opaque finish. Also, this gouache paint set is viscous that lets you take just a bit to spread evenly and yet cover the entire area thoroughly.

When in a hurry you can rely on Artzea to quickly dry. It can be activated again with water if needed.

Keep in Mind

Not right for you if you are looking for acrylic gouache since it is watercolor gouache

In a Nutshell

  • Comes in a pack of 60 tubes
  • Safe for all ages
  • Viscous in nature and dries quickly

Reeves 24-Pack Gouache Color Tube Set

Why We Picked It

If you have recently been introduced to gouache paints, then you’d like to try out how it works for you. You can start small and test gouache paints on your canvas.

So, consider Reeves gouache pack of 24 tube sets. It comes in varying colors of titanium white, yellow orche, Paynes gray, and many more. These acrylic colors leave a great look on your pictures when you use little water with the paints.

Our observation is that it is a bit small in size as compared to others in the market. In spite of it gives you great results while painting and also dries quickly without any strong smell.

Keep in Mind

The tubes are a bit small in size

In a Nutshell

  • Suitable for a beginner looking for an inexpensive gouache set
  • Dries quickly
  • Has no strong smell

Royal & Langnickel Gouache Color Artist Tube Paint

Why We Picked It

Royal and Langnickel present you with some interesting mix of gouache colors that are somewhere in between an opaque watercolor and acrylic color.

It is not too thin or too thick and goes well on any picture or canvas. These neatly stacked two sets of twelve tubes each are ideal if you are testing with gouache.

This gouache color tube set comes at a reasonably low price for the quality. With the medium viscosity, it covers the area excellently and is also good at reactivating the color with water when you have to. You also get a dry matte finish with its use.

Another advantage of getting a Royal & Langnickel is that the pigmentation is rich and leaves behind a smooth medium.

Keep in Mind

Might not be right for you if you are looking for a wide variety of colors

In a Nutshell

  • Comes in handy 24 set pack
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily reactivated with the water and gives a dry matte finish

24 Colors Paul Rubens Watercolor Paint Set

Why We Picked It

There is something about placing the colors the way you want it to that ignites creativity. It could be the sequence, lineup of the right contrast and color or only better usability that makes painting a pleasure.

If you love rearranging your colors your way, then you must try the Paul Rubens pocket case box set. It comes with twenty-four colors that can each be removed or replaced individually.

The metal box makes for a handy companion when traveling. It comes with extra fine gum arabic watercolors.

Another helpful tool is the mixing palette that comes inside the lid, making it easy to use anywhere.

Keep in Mind

If you don’t like moving paints around, then this might not be suitable.

In a Nutshell

  • Pink tin cover
  • Comes with a mixing palette
  • Fine gum arabic based watercolors

M. Graham 5 Color Gouache Paint Primary Set

Why We Picked It

M. Graham follows its reputation and provides a superior product when it comes to gouache set.

This set comes in a set of five tubes with each being a half-ounce. Each color comes with a honey binder for more vibrant color. It also prevents hardening and keeps the color intact.

The color once out from the tube comes thick. Once it dries, it becomes opaque and looks even more vibrant. Because the paint wets well, it can be used for reuse without making it untidy.

It also works well with other gouache paints when mixed with them.

Keep in Mind

It won’t give the opaque effect as compared to other gouache paints.

In a Nutshell

  • Comes with a honey binder
  • Can be reused
  • Works well with other gouache paints

Winsor & Newton Gouache Primary Color 6-Tube Paint Set

Why We Picked It

As a designer, you’ll want to have the best paints at your disposal. And if you are a beginner, then Winsor & Newton is the best pack you can get. It comes with six tubes, each with 14ml.

Most users pledge by the fantastic color and matte it lends to the picture. Besides this introductory set is opaque, dries fast, mixes well, and has rich pigmentation. It also reactivates once it dries.

If you’re looking for primary colors, then this works well to give you beautiful shades that go well with any picture.

However, if you don’t like odor in your paint, then the Winsor & Newton does come with a faint smell that can be unsuitable for you.

Keep in Mind

It can be unsuitable if you dislike faint smell in your paint.

In a Nutshell

  • Best for beginner designers
  • Lends a rich matte finish
  • Opaque and dries quickly

Madisi Gouache Paint Set – 24 Vivid Colors

Why We Picked It

For those who like indulging in diluted paints, this Madisi gouache paint is perfect. It allows easy blending of colors to make it lively when it is diluted.

It means you can use a thick or thin color combination. Because it comes with non-toxic colors and conforms to ASTM D-4236 standards, it is safe for painters of any age.

Another advantage is that you can use this best gouache set repeatedly since the color remains intact even after reuse.

With as much as twenty-four colors it gives you the best quality at a great price.

So go along with vermillion, green deep or Prussian blue for that amazing picture on your canvas.

Keep in Mind

If you like your colors pure without dilution, then you need to consider other choices in this list.

In a Nutshell

  • It’s an opaque watercolor
  • Non-toxic colors
  • Twenty-four colors at a great price

Caran d’Ache Gouache Studio 15 Assorted Colors Set

Why We Picked It

This gouache paint set comes with fifteen color set that is easy to carry around, especially if you travel frequently. It has a touch of the creamy layer along with high pigmentation that leaves a satisfying finish to the canvas.

Also, since it has extensive coverage, you end up using much less and having more covered in less time. The pans in the gouache paint set can be removed and used, making it comfortable, primarily if you work in small spaces.

One letdown is that it is not entirely opaque as other gouache paints, making it a bit more on the watercolor end. I

f you require a consistency that gives an opaque finish, then try others as we have suggested in the list.

Keep in Mind

It will not give you the necessary opaque look if that’s what you expect.

In a Nutshell

  • Easy to carry around
  • Extensive coverage
  • Not quite opaque

Miya Gouache Paint Set – 18 Colors

Why We Picked It

If you like your gouache color set to remain in good condition for a long time, then the Miya gouache paint set is what you need.

It comes in a jelly cup that makes it easy to remove the tray and place it anywhere you like. Remove the cover and use it on the go.

You can carry along the single cups anywhere without worrying about leakage. It has been checked more than 200 times for leakage, making it ideal for taking where you go.

It has non-toxic environment-friendly feature that makes it safe to present to anyone irrespective of their age.

Keep in Mind

They get reactivated when you put water on the paint. Not once it is on the paper though.

In a Nutshell

  • Ideal for long-term usage
  • Easy to carry around in jelly cups
  • Anti-leak and non-toxic

Holbein Artist Gouache Set

Why We Picked It

If you are in the market for a quality gouache that delivers on quality, price and quantity then your search ends here. The Holbein Artists’ gouache comes in a pack of 18 colors set.

Each variant leaves behind a creamy, vibrant color that needs very little of the product. That means you end up using little and the paint lasts long.

If you are new to gouache or want to try out how gouache works, then this one is perfect without burning a hole in your pocket.

It’s affordable and yet gives out great quality on the canvas.

Keep in Mind

Ignore the size of the tube. It might look small, but the paint lasts a very long time.

In a Nutshell

  • Small but long-lasting tubes
  • Cost-effective
  • Gives a rich and creamy look to the picture

Turner Acrylic Gouache Paint Set – Set of 24

Why We Picked It

When you have a choice to pick the best-fit paint for all surfaces, the Turner Acryl Gouache is reliable. It fits all surfaces, gives you a rich outcome, and is free of heavy metal.

The colors are lightfast, and it comes with a binder. It works on wood, boards, paper, and panel too.

If you are into mixed media applications, then the Turner Acryl Gouache will give you an opaque, matte and dry finish.

It works well when there are many layers in the painting. It has water resistance that does not mess with your picture.

Keep in Mind

It is a bit hard as compared to other gouache paints.

In a Nutshell

  • Fits all surfaces
  • Lightfast and gives an opaque outcome
  • Water-resistance

U.S. Art Supply Professional 36 Color Set of Gouache Paint

Why We Picked It

A professional artist or designer needs a proper tool kit to thrive. With the U.S. Art Supply, you do just that.

It comes with a wide array of tubes that can be used as a hobby or in a professional space. Because it comes with a diverse range of thirty-six vibrant tubes, it gives a premium creamy texture to your picture.

These non-toxic water-based paints are safe for kids of all ages.

They are water-based, acid-free, and follow ASTM D4236 and EN71 standards. It also comes with a double-sided color mixing wheel.

And if you are new to painting, the educational color tool has a color terminology and a definition list for your information.

Keep in Mind

If you are new to painting, this paint set does take time to mix a bit before using.

In a Nutshell

  • Professional-grade color
  • Easy to use and non-toxic
  • Safe for kids of all ages

Liquitex 3699325 Professional Acrylic Gouache Paint Set

Why We Picked It

The Liquitex Acrylic Gouache set is the perfect gift set for a new artist. While using it gives the right opaque feel without using too much of the paint set.

The matte effect does not allow reflection making it a perfect companion for digital use. The small bottle appearance means you can easily open it without much struggle.

Also, the water-resistance in the paint leaves a creamy texture with minimal use.

It also allows no water and yet gives you a smooth outcome.

Keep in Mind

The Liquitex should not be used with water since it is water-resistance.

In a Nutshell

  • It comes in a beautiful gift set
  • Easy to use
  • Water-resistance

Marie’s Extra Fine Gouache Opaque Watercolor Paint Set

Why We Picked It

With Marie’s Extra Fine Gouache, you get to use transparent watercolors only. Because it has binders, you can use it without the colors shifting base.

If you have used transparent watercolors in the past, then this one is quite similar to it. It leaves the same effect without any smudge.

While using the best gouache paint, you get lightfast colors that leave a creamy texture. It follows the ASTM D-4236 standards that give you high quality and safe colors.

This set of eighteen is easy to use and can be carried along conveniently.

Keep in Mind

Its use is similar to that of transparent watercolors.

In a Nutshell

  • Lightfast and rich texture
  • Similar to the use of transparent watercolors
  • Follows ASTM D-4236 standards

Gouache Paint Set – Professional Supplies by MyArtscape

Why We Picked It

This set of twelve gives you non-toxic colors that provide vibrant and rich paintings.

For an opaque outcome that fits artboard and masonite, this is your ideal choice as the best gouache color sets.

The color variants are dynamic and equip you with some of the best paints on the market. They spread evenly without needing much of the paint at a time.

A smooth finish and even spread gives a great finish to the painting.

However, the tubes can be a bit small for some.

Keep in Mind

The tubes are a bit small in size.

In a Nutshell

  • Non-toxic in nature
  • Gives a smooth opaque outcome
  • Spread evenly with a small portion of the paint

Watercolor vs. Gouache — Which one is Better?

Watercolor Vs Gouache

Both watercolor and gouache go well together when you consider the case of an artist who wants to create water-soluble pictures.

However, depending on who you are speaking to, they might prefer one over the other. And there are many reasons for it.

The first one being that watercolor has finer pigment particles allowing light to go through.

The second being, gouache comes with solid particles that are tightly knit. It does not allow the light to pass through making the picture more opaque.

While both watercolor and gouache have gum arabic, they are used differently by different people.

Painters prefer watercolour due to its ability to dry slowly allowing the painter to use the brush in many ways before the paint dries. Illustrators prefer gouache since it dries quickly allowing big blocks of color for vivid images.

Another way to use gouache more freely is to add water to it to make it appear like watercolor. It gives you the flexibility to use it as per your liking and if you are short on watercolors.

If you are a budding artist using a watercolor will help you understand the nuances of painting and how it can be used effectively to get life like paintings when starting.

However, if you love to experiment and bring a level of authenticity and texture that’s creamy, vivid, and opaque, the gouache is your best bet. It takes a bit of time to get used to it since it has different levels of texture in different gouache types.

However, once you are comfortable with gouache, you might not want to switch to a different paint.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Gouache Paints

Best Gouache Paints Buying Tips

Gouache paints work a bit differently than other colors. Before you go ahead and buy one check out these things and consider them before you buy the best gouache paintings.

Where do you need to use it?

Gouache paint sets come in different forms. However, the key here is knowing where you need to use it. While some gouache paints can be used on canvas, others go well on paper as well as panels, wood, and most surfaces.

Also, check for gouache compatibility with other colors that you already have else it might most likely stay away and be tucked in the corner of the cupboard for a long time.

Are they opaque enough for you?

While gouache paints are opaque, some are more, and others give a less of the actual effect. It is because the pigment, thickness, and the combination of particles in the paints vary.

Hence take time to check out how opaque you’d like your paint to be.

Check out the reviews, box instructions, and effectiveness with other colors before you buy the gouache color sets.

Are they brush-friendly?

When you use watercolors, you can use the brush and leave it to dry. The brush will remain in the same condition.

However, it’s a little different with gouache. Here the gouache once dried on the brushes cab ruin the brush making it a little challenging to use it again.

Hence take care of the type of gouache you’ll be using on the brushes you already own.

Are they safe and non-toxic?

If you are around kids often then it’s natural that they’ll want to try the paint. Also, if kids are going to be using the gouache, it’s essential that the color is safe to use.

Is it easy to carry around?

If you often travel, then a portable and easy to carry paint is what you need. Before buying the gouache paints, check the case.

Does it come in an easy to carry cover? Does it have an anti-leak box or are there resalable covers to provide easy access while traveling?

When you answer these questions, you narrow down your search to the exact gouache that’s perfect for your needs and also convenient as per your usage.

Gouache Paint Pro Tips You Should Know

Go slow

It’s natural to feel excited about your new gouache paints. However, we suggest taking it slow. In gouache paints, getting the consistency right the first time is necessary to start well.

Knowing how the colors blend is the first step in getting your gouache paint right.

Try a few at a time

You can try using all gouache variants in the paint set; however; it can be a bit complex if you are new to it. Start small and test a few first to see your comfort with a particular set of colors.

Some colors mix well with others while some can create a not-so-good feel when you combine them.

We suggest using some base colors to try and see how it fits in your canvas before checking all out.

Use Synthetic brushes

When it comes to brushes using synthetic brushes can let your best gouache paints long laster.

Synthetic brushes use less water and are useful when it comes to leaving the water. On the other hand, standard brushes soak in more water that can smudge the canvas when left-back.

Avoid water after finish

Because most gouache paints soak water, your well-painted picture can get ruined once it is done. Even a drop of water can spoil the picture.

Either frame it with glass or avoid any water contact with the finished painting unless you want to repaint or allow a bit of water to spread across the picture and create a good effect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a difference between designers’ and artists’ gouache?

The elemental composition of designer and artist gouache is the same.

The main difference between them is that designers gouache is more sophisticated with the latest paint composition made with the latest technology suitable for designers. Artists often use artists’ gouache for their work.

Is gouache rather like acrylic, then?

Unlike acrylic, gouache is made up of opaque watercolor and can be diluted with water after drying. Acrylic has a polymer binding whereas gouache has a gum arabic or dextrin binding.

Can I add water to gouache paint?

Yes, you can add water to gouache paint. However, because it soaks in water even after drying take care to seal or cover the picture once dry to avoid messing the final image since a drop of water is sufficient to ruin it.

How fast does gouache dry?

Gouache dries immediately on application. The water in the gouache evaporates, and in no time the gouache dries too.

How is gouache best used?

Gouache is best used when you use little water, use a bit of paint and spread it across. A little bit is sufficient since it comes with a creamy texture and rich pigmentation.

What makes good gouache paint?

A good gouache paint allows you to play around with the texture and using water wisely. It also creates the desired outcome with opacity.

Can you paint with gouache on canvas?

You can use acrylic gouache on canvas since it behaves like watercolor paint. However, if you use watercolor gouache, then it will not stay on the surface of the canvas since it will not bind.

How do I soften hardened gouache paint?

A few drops of water is enough to soften the hardened gouache. If it still does not soften, try glycerine.

What is the best way to seal a gouache painting?

A gouache painting on paper can be covered using a glass frame. Another way is to keep it away from sunlight since it can lose some pigmentation in light.

What is the lifetime of a Gouache Painting?

A gouache painting is as good as the paint used. A good quality gouache paint has an indefinite life unless it is exposed to sunlight frequently.

Can I mix brands?

Yes, most gouache brands are made in a way that makes them compatible with other brands in the market. However, make sure to check the instructions on the gouache paint when you buy them.

What brushes are good to use with gouache?

Synthetic brushes are the best way to work with gouache since they absorb less water than regular brushes.

Can I use gouache paint on watercolor paper?

Yes, you can use gouache paint on watercolor paper without any impact on the paper or the paint quality.

Illustrators use gouache paints, designers, and artists to mix and blend some of the best colors for texture-rich pictures. We hope this list has helped you pick the best gouache paint for yourself and answered all queries. Share your best pick from the list with us in the comments below!

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