Best Jon Boat for Fishing, River & Saltwater Reviews 2020

Best Jon Fishing Boat Reviews

If you have been fishing around for the best small boat that’s compact yet light on the pocket, then look no further than the best Jon boat. Not only is the Jon boat famous for its small shape, flat base, and high customization, it’s highly affordable for anyone with a passion for fishing.

Why Is It Called Jon Boat?

The origin of the Jon boat goes as far as the 1800s in The Ozarks where flat-bottomed boats were low on cost and easy to build. Because it was a good fit for shallow waters fishing in Missouri Valley waters was done on Jon boats. Over time these “Ozarks Jon Boats” took the name of Jon boats.

Another theory that supports the use of the name Jon boat is the Scandinavian story, where Jon was popularly and commonly pronounced as ‘Yawn.’ Because it was a local name easy to say in conversations, it stuck around. And every fisherman could make one for himself with whatever he could afford to spare.

What is a Jon Boat used for?

The small and compact size of the best Jon boats lets you use it in many ways. If you have been considering getting one, know that it’s going to be a good investment for its various utilities. Some of them are:

  • Fishing in shallow waters
  • Transportations
  • Hunting
  • Small group fishing tours
  • Useful in marine activities
  • Cargo carriers

List Of Best Jon Boats:

1. Best Jon Boat for Fishing – Sun Dolphin American 12 Jon Fishing Boat

2. Best Jon Boat for Saltwater – Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Fishing Boat

3. Best Jon Boat for Hunting/Fishing – Pelican – Boat Intruder 12 – Jon Fishing Boat

Top 3 Best Jon Boat for Fishing, River & Saltwater Reviews:

Sun Dolphin American 12 Jon Fishing Boa (Beige/Green, 12-Feet)

Why We Picked It

This 12 feet best Jon fishing boat comes with a sitting area that’s ideal for two people. It’s lightweight yet spacious enough to accommodate four-rod holders, battery storage along with built-in motor mounts.

This Sun Dolphin American 12 Jon boat is made of rugged UV stabilized Fortiflex polyethylene that has a built-in foam flotation ensuring there is no boat maintenance.

The molded design lends a firm grip and rigidity to the boat, making it sturdy in water.

While it will not be strong enough in choppy or turbulent waters, it stands well in shallow waters for excursions, short trips, and fishing expeditions.

If safety is on your mind, then the Sun Dolphin comes with US Coast Guard safety standards. The soft bottom makes it comfortable to move around in the boat. The absence of a drain hole does mean you have to turn the boat during rains.

Keep in Mind

It is lightweight hence take care to have equal weight distribution in water.

In a Nutshell

  • Maintenance-free
  • Soft material with UV stabilized Fortiflex polyethylene
  • Easy to maneuver

Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Fishing Boat

Why We Picked It

The Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Fishing boat is beautifully designed to place all things together within your reach without having to adjust yourself to the design. So the tri-hull design comes with a stable exterior with front and rear casting platforms.

The swivel pedestal seats are comfortably placed to access the front cooler and storage compartments with their respective drains.

Here the advantage is that you don’t have to go to the bottom of the boat to access things. Simply reach out to the deck fuel tanks storage and recessed drink and tackle holders for your supreme comfort.

The fuel tank holds as much as 6 gallons at a time with no leaks. With no draft, the boat can quickly get in cramped space without much trouble.

Like big boats, the Sun Dolphin has all the features to take it for all expeditions. However, it might not be ideal for turbulent waters.

Keep in Mind

It’s a bit heavy. Hence you might need a trailer to take it around.

In a Nutshell

  • Features similar to those in big boats
  • Great design
  • Comfortable seating

Pelican – Boat Intruder 12 – Jon Fishing Boat

Why We Picked It

For those quick weekends where you want a sturdy boat yet one that’s not too heavy to carry around, the Pelican Boat Intruder is your pick for the best Jon boat.

It comes with a plug at the side of the boat that assists the 36-cubic feet of cargo for the Pelican. While there are four bench seats, it is supported by vertical rod holders and motor mounts.

Concerning the weight, the boat is adequate to carry two adults. It also has a shallow draft design that’s a good fit for shallow waters. If you desire more stability, then there is the flat hull that lends stability to the structure.

Besides, at 12 feet, this Jon boat has many storage compartments making it easy to carry many things at once.

The other benefit of having this flat-bottomed boat boat is that it comes with an oarlock receptacle, which lets you take the boat in the water quickly.

Keep in Mind

Be sure to screw the snaps into the boat before taking it in the water.

In a Nutshell

  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Oar lock receptacle to carry the boat
  • Strong bench seats

Why Jon Boats are so Useful:

Best Choice for Shallow Waters: The flat hull gives a flat bottomed shape that offers this utility boat an edge. Because you can carry it everywhere without much hassle, it’s a great choice in tough terrains, muck, mud, reeds, or difficult fishing areas. For fishes that thrive in shallow water, this is the boat of choice for many.

Great for All Water Activities: For a weekend break or short holiday fishing, you can carry the Jon boat without needing many accessories. The compact Jon boat gives you adequate storage facilities for hunting, fishing, small breaks, and sports activities and crawfishing too.

Easy to Carry Around: Lightweight, small in size, and multiple utility features make it a handy companion for your fishing needs. Since it does not occupy much space, it’s easy to carry and store in a small area.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Jon Boat:

Size of the best Jon Boat for Fishing

Choose a Jon boat that’s best for your needs. Ideally, a Jon boat in the 12-14 feet range can serve you well. At this range, you get two seats that can accommodate two people.

Based on the size, also consider whether you can carry it around, or you might need more power to move it around. An electric trolling motor and a gas-powered outboard with 5 to 15 hp is something you might want to consider before buying a Jon boat.

Storage Space

With the best aluminum Jon boats, your most likely spot will be shallow waters. For this, consider a Jon boat that has adequate safety and gear storage space. It makes it convenient to carry your fishing equipment and ensure you, and your co-passenger is safe while fishing or carrying out any other water activity.

Weight of the Best Jon Boat

Before buying the best saltwater Jon boat, think about the number of times you will be using the boat. Is it something you will use once or twice or year? Then consider the number of people who will be traveling in the boat. In this case, weight distribution is equally important to ensure a smooth ride.

However, if you frequently travel solo in the shallow waters, then look for adequate storage space, high-quality boat material, and excellent design features to ensure it meets your boating needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many people fit on a Jon boat?

A Jon boat is for one or two people at the most. If two people ensure equal weight distribution, it will make the Jon boat ride an hassle-free ride.

How can I make my Jon boat float better?

To make the Jon boat float better, use a bit of foam to fill it up. Doing so can reduce the weight on the boat, making it float better.

Do Jon boats sink?

Jon boats will stay on top of the water as long as you balance the boat weight and don’t exceed speed recommendations for the boat. Each Jon boat has a different size and weight. Consider the pressure needed for each boat size to balance it before taking it out in the water.

Are Jon boats safe?

As long as you maintain the weight in the boat and have an equal distribution, the Jon boat will float. Though these Jon boats are meant for shallow and calm waters, they are not intended for choppy waters. Hence take care to ensure you use them in shallow and calm waters for all occasions.

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