Best Lamps for Philips Hue Reviews (2020 Updated)

Best Lamps for Philips Hue Reviews

Technology is an amazing thing. Innovators have now applied technology to your home lighting solutions. With the help of an internet connection and accessories, you control all the lighting in your home with your Smartphone or even with your voice.

It’s true that using just your smartphone or voice-controlled devices like Alexa, Siri, or Echo and a Philips Hue Hub, you can create a network of lights to make your home beautiful, functional, and secure.

Whether you want to get things done or add festiveness to a party, deter intruders, or just relax and unwind after a long day, best lamps for Philips Hue are just what you need.

Still not sure if Philips Hue lamps are right for your home? Here are just a few of the reasons you should buy Philips Hue lamps:

  • Adjust the lights using your Smartphone or your voice. Easily go from dark to dim, or bright and over 50,000 shades and 16 million color combinations in between so you can read, watch TV, clean, entertain, or relax in comfort.
  • Enhance or boost your mood. With the Hue white and color ambiance lamps, you can use preset color scenes to instantly change the look and feel of a room.
  • Amaze your friends. Add Philips Hue lights to your indoor or outdoor entertainment area to provide a dazzling color light display.
  • Use your Philips Hue lamps to secure your home. Turn lights on and off on a schedule or from anywhere in the world.

Check out our choices for best lamps for Philips Hue that are going to blow your mind.

Best Lamps for Philips Hue Reviews 2020:

Hue Go Portable Light

Why We Picked

The portability of this Hue Go Portable Light is the reason we picked it for this list. It comes with the lamp and white and color bulb, charger, and a built-in stand.

Plug the lamp in to charge it up and you have about 3 hours of portable light that you can take with you anywhere you need it.

The Hue Go Portable lamp powers down automatically after two hours of no activity. There are several pre-set light settings which you can cycle through by using the toggle button on the underside of the lamp.

Add the Hue Bridge to your network to use your Smartphone or voice-controlled assistant to control your Hue Go Portable lamp.

Keep in Mind

The round shape of this lamp means that when it is plugged in, it may wobble and fall back onto its stand easier than most lamps.

The Philips Hue Go Portable lamp is made of sturdy plastic which means it can be prone to scratching. I

t’s small and great for on the go or supplemental lighting applications but not ideal for daily room lighting.

In a Nutshell

If you’re looking for a small, portable light that you can use for short periods where it’s not practical to keep it plugged in, the Philips Hue Go Portable lamp is a good choice.

Charge it up and take it camping for use in a tent or add it to a side table in the living room to enhance atmosphere while watching a movie, or pair it with a Hue Go motion sensor for automatic lighting that shuts itself off for that late night bathroom trip.

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Philips Hue Bloom Dimmable Smart Table Lamp

Why We Picked

The modern unique look of the Philips Hue Bloom is a step above traditional strip lighting that is often used to accent entertainment centers or computer setups.

You can use a Philips Hue Bloom Dimmable Table Lamp just about anywhere you would normally use a small spotlight lamp. The design and look is sleek and elegant and complements any room.

Keep in Mind

The Philips Hue Bloom does not have a detachable power cord or rechargeable battery so it must be plugged in to a power outlet to work. The Hue Bridge is required to change colors or settings on the Hue Bloom.

In a Nutshell

Whether you are looking to create a color enhanced setup for your entertainment or computer setup, the Philips Hue Bloom makes the perfect alternative to the traditional spotlight or strip lighting.

When paired with the Hue Bridge, control of the Hue Bloom is nearly limitless with over 50,000 shades of white and 16 million colors.

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Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp

Why We Picked

This easy to use Philips Hue Beyond Table Lamp, with its iconic shape and classic white color, is the perfect addition to just about any indoor room.

This lamp is also lightweight, which means it’s portable enough to move from room to room if needed.

Keep in Mind

You’ll need to connect to your home WIFI and buy the Philips Hue Bridge, which is sold separately, to control lights or scenes with your Smartphone or voice activated assistant devices like Siri or Alexa. This lamp is only for indoor use.

In a Nutshell

If you’re just getting started with Philips Hue Lamps, this is a good basic lamp. You can get started without purchasing the Hub and be able to adjust the light with the touch of a button.

It’s also the perfect lamp for your college student to take to the dorm room but elegant enough to use for that evening get together with colleagues or friends.

The lamp height is adjustable which also makes it the best Philips Hue lamp to use on your desk at work or on the side table in your den at home.

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Philips Hue Dimmable LED Smart Flushmount

Why We Picked

This sleek, modern design is installed into your ceiling electrical wiring just like any standard ceiling light. The brushed aluminum and classic white complements any decor.

Because it has an integrated White Ambiance light bulb, there’s no need to worry about changing the bulb.

Keep in Mind

The Philips Hue Being Flushmount does need to be hardwired like a regular ceiling light fixture but there’s no need to worry about wiring a wall switch.

The Philips Hue Being makes it simple to adjust the lighting at ceiling level when you connect to a Hue Bridge (sold separately) and either an optional Hue Dimmer switch, your voice controlled assistant device, or Smartphone.

In a Nutshell

When paired with the Hue Hub, the Philips Hue Being Flushmount lamp is the ideal ceiling light for many different rooms in your home.

The integrated bulb enables you to choose from a soft warm light or a bright energising light and everything in between.

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Hue Play White and Color Ambiance Bar Light

Why We Picked

The ideal lighting solution for entertainment, technology, or even to show off your hobby collections, the Hue Play is available in a 1 pack or 2-pack with flexible mounting options.

In fact, you can connect up to 3 Hue Play’s to one power supply unit. The aesthetically pleasing design is the ideal complement to any room decor.

Use the Hue Play to add 50,000 shades of white and over 16 million colors to your display. Added to your Philips Hue network, the lighting combinations are limitless.

Keep in Mind

Connect your Hue Play Bar Lamp to a Hue bridge and Smart Home device (purchased separately) to operate it using your Smartphone or your voice controlled assistant device.

In a Nutshell

It’s the ultimate lighting solution for any entertainment setup to create an amazing backlight for your tv or computer. If for some reason you want the Hue Play Bar out of sight, you can attach behind a screen using included double-sided tape and clips.

Create a more immersive entertainment area with the full smart lighting solution, up to 25,000 hours life means you’ll never be without when you buy the Philips Hue Play Bar lamp.

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Philips Hue Beyond Dimmable Smart Ceiling Light

Why We Picked

This great Philips Hue Beyond Ceiling lamp comes with a small dimmer switch which can be held in your hand like a remote control or mounted on the wall for use as a wall switch.

The wall mount helps prevent the remote switch from getting lost too, just remember to place in the mount when not in use.

Keep in Mind

To add even more control access to your Philips Hue ceiling light, pair it with the Hue Bridge which lets you adjust the lighting to more than 50,000 shades of white using your Smartphone or voice controlled assistant device.

In a Nutshell

If you’re looking to add sleek, modern lighting solutions to your ceiling, the Philips Hue Beyond Ceiling lamp comes in white or silver. This makes it the perfect addition to any color scheme in your home.

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Philips Hue Wellness Dimmable Smart Table Lamp

Why We Picked

We picked the Philips Hue Wellner Dimmable Smart Table Lamp for our list because, let’s face it, mornings are hard for many of us occasionally.

This innovative lighting solution is perfect for those who prefer the softness of natural lighting over harsh or artificial lighting. It’s well known that light can really impact behavior and mood for many people.

Keep in Mind

With the Philips Hue Wellner dimmable table lamp, paired with a Hue Bridge, and with your voice controlled assistant device or smartphone, you can set timers to adjust lighting from warm to cool, to make waking up a little easier.

Because this lamp has no bulky base, you can place it on a dresser, atop a stack of books on a shelf, or among other unique talking pieces on a coffee table and get ready to accept the compliments from visitors on the beauty of your home.

In a Nutshell

If you’re looking for a unique lighting solution for you home, one that will not only give you more natural lighting to make mornings easier but will draw the curiosity of visitors, the Philips Hue Wellner Dimmable smart table lamp is spot on!

Full Check Price Yellow 8

Philips Hue White & Color Outdoor Pathway Light

Why We Picked

Weighing in at under 2 lbs, the Philips Hue White & Color MH Outdoor Pathway Lamp makes it clear that Philips Hue can handle your indoor and outdoor lighting needs.

Whether you need outdoor lighting for added security, for increased safety when walking, or for entertainment, the Philips Outdoor Pathway light has it covered.

Simply plug in the lamp and connect to an existing Philips Hue Hub and add your new outdoor lights to the network using your smartphone.

Keep in Mind

Also compatible with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Samsung SmartThings, you will need to pair the Philips Hue Outdoor Pathway with a Philips Hue bridge (sold separately) for it to work.

In a Nutshell

Why stop at just one Philips Hue Outdoor Pathway lamp when you can create an entire outdoor lighting solution by connecting multiple outdoor lights to your existing Hue network.

Keep your outdoor space inviting to guests but secure against intruders when your way with the Philips Hue Outdoor Pathway light.

Full Check Price Yellow 8

Philips Hue Outdoor Discovery Floodlight

Why We Picked

The output of the Philips Hue Outdoor Discovery Floodlight can match the output of white light you get from two standard Halogen floodlights.

So, not only do have the security of a flood light, you have an additional 16 million shades of color for ambient light or holiday decorating.

This lighting solution is also built with extreme resistance to outdoor weather, so you can have worry-free outdoor lighting year after year.

Keep in Mind

You will need hardwire this lighting solution into your electrical system to install it.

For best results, pair the Philips Hue Discovery Floodlight with the Hue Hub, the heart of the Philips Hue system, in order to control the lighting with your Smartphone or voice controlled assistant devices.

In a Nutshell

Whether it’s for your porch, deck, or near a garage or outbuilding, the Philips Hue Outdoor Discovery Floodlight is easily adjustable so you can get exactly the lighting you need, where you need it.

When paired with the Hue Hub and a Hue Outdoor motion sensor, which activates upon detecting motion, you can get the light you need when you need it, to provide peace of mind and keep your home more secure.

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Types of Philips Hue Lamps:

White Bulbs

White bulbs provide the highest quality light and are perfect when you need the ability to go from dark to dim, or bright. Choose from PAR38 or E26 fitting sizes.

White Ambiance Bulbs

These are great for those who prefer a more natural white light.

Control the bulbs with the Philips Hue app and change the light from energising to relaxing to match your mood or cool to warm to better supplement natural light. Select from E12, E26, or BR30 fitting types.

White and Color Ambiance Bulbs

The combination white and color ambiance bulbs are perfect for those who love to variety in their home atmosphere.

These bulbs are available in a wide range of fitting sizes and will allow you to change the entire feel of your room using a combination of more than 16 million colors.

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How Philips Hue smart Bulb works?

The Philips Hue smart bulb works in combination with all popular smart home platforms to give you wireless control of lighting throughout your home and yard.

This innovative lighting solution can be paired with the Philips Hue Bridge (sold separately) to enable you to enhance the mood, function, and atmosphere of the lighting in your house and around the outside of your home.

Once you have your bulbs paired with the Hue Hub, you can add additional Philip Hue accessories, including motion sensors, dimmer switches, and more to create an entire network of lights for your home.

Philips Hue smart bulb connects to your home wifi and is compatible with a variety of voice controlled assistant devices, like Siri, Alexa, and Google Voice.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Lamps for Philips Hue:

Philips Hue provides 4 different starter kits which allow you to get started with wireless lighting via bridge which is the heart of the Philips Hue system.

One of the most important things to consider before buying a Philips Hue lamp is what kind of lighting enhancements you want to make in your home and how you want to be able to control them.

Wireless Dimming Kit

Wireless Dimming Kit comes with 1 bulb and a dimmer switch. It’s the perfect kit if you’ve never used Philips Hue lighting and you want to try it out. The dimmer switch allows you to change the white light gradually from dark to bright.

If you’re addicted to Philips Hue lamps, consider one of the expanded starter kits below.

Hue White Kit

Hue White Kit includes 2 soft white bulbs and a bridge. This kit lets you try out the system using wireless control. You also have control while away from home using light schedules that you set to make it appear someone is home even when you’re not.

Hue White Ambiance Kit

Hue White Ambiance Kit comes with dual A19 fitting sized bulbs, the Hue bridge, and a dimmer switch. Choose from over 50,000 shades of white light and pre set lighting scenes to create the perfect mood.

Hue White and Color Ambiance Kit

Hue White and Color Ambiance Kit comes with 3 white and color ambiance A19 bulbs and a bridge.

It’s the perfect kit if you’re looking to sync your lights with music, games, and movies or if you want to be able to paint with light, this kit is for you. Choose from 50,000 shades of white and 16 million colors.

How To Use Philips Hue Lamp:

  • For safety, make sure the power is off to your lamp or light socket before screwing in your Philips Hue bulbs. Once the bulb is in place, turn the power back on to the lamp.
  • Wait for the blue lights to appear after you’ve plugged the Philips Hue bridge into the outlet and connected it via ethernet cable to your existing wifi router.
  • Install the most recent version of the Philips Hue app to your phone from the app store or Google Play for best results in controlling your Hue lights.
  • Tap setup and press the connect button on your Philips Hue bridge to sync your phone with your lights. It’s that easy!
  • For outdoor lighting, place the first Hue light within 30 feet or 10 meters of your Philips Hue bridge.
  • Materials such as metal, can block the signal from your bridge to your lighting.
  • To help your signal reach further into your outside yard, place at least one light on the second floor near a window on the same side of the house.
  • The Hue Widget allows you to have even more control over your lighting including more flexibility for creating groups of lights or single lights.

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