Best Shower Curtain For Clawfoot Tub Reviews (2020 Updated)

Best shower curtain for clawfoot tub reviews

Clawfoot bathroom tub provides a lot of convenience for a specific set of homeowners. But the constant splashes of water can lead to hard-to-detect moisture that will develop mildew and mold over time. To control this flow of water, the best shower curtain for clawfoot tub comes in very handy.

Whether you are replacing a bathtub or remodelling a bathroom, understanding the usability of these shower curtains is very important.

One obvious thing is that you are going to have varying options now that you are in the market to buy the best clawfoot tub shower curtain.

To make your purchase decision easier, we’ll be highlighting the major things to think through before you commit to buy one curtain instead of the other.

List of Best Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub:

1. N&Y Waterproof Fabric Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

2. Riyidecor White Floral Damask All Around Shower Curtain

3. D&L Vinyl Shower Curtain for a Clawfoot Tub

4. Ambesonne Antique Shower Curtain

5. Danty Home Shower Curtain

6. Riyidecor All Wrap Around Shower Curtain

Best Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub Reviews:

N&Y Waterproof Fabric Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain

Regardless of its elegant design, the shower curtain price is one key factor that many potential buyers often consider before making the purchase. Fortunately, N&Y HOME Waterproof Fabric Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain is one of the best options in the market. 

The product is made of strong polyester fabric. Expectedly, the said fabric has been confirmed to be waterproof. With the warp round design and shape of the curtain, you are sure of keeping your bath water within the clawfoot tub.

According to some users found through my research, the frequency of water contact doesn’t cause any damaging rust at all. This makes it long-lasting enough for you to derive good value for your money.

For clarity, please note that the exact size of clawfoot tub shower curtain is about 180 width and 70 lengths. To make your purchase decision flawless, you should take this into account with the size of your clawfoot tub.

When you buy this claw foot tub shower liner, it comes with 32 rust-free metal grommets. This is part of what prevents the material from tearing.

Irrespective of where you choose to buy from, you’ll find this product mostly in bright white color.

If you have a question on how to clean it, please note that this particular one has been proven to be washing machine safe. The main curtain rings numbers about 12 while grommets are made of folded over fabric.

  • Rust free grommets
  • Strong metal-heads
  • Easy to clean polyester material

  • It is not mildew resistant

In a Nutshell:

This is said to be a washing machine safe. Meanwhile, those that have a preference for a polyester shower curtain will find it suitable for their needs.

Riyidecor White Floral Damask All Around Shower Curtain

For some reasons, some people come into the market with precise intention to buy vinyl shower curtain for clawfoot tub. If you are one of these people, here one affordable option you should consider. In addition to the main product itself, you’ll get 32 pack metal shower hooks.

Besides being in white color, this shower curtain liner for clawfoot tub comes with aesthetically appealing floral design.

Depending on your personal preferences, you may decide to buy with or without magnets. However, there is a slight difference in price.

The size is about 180W x 70L. Regarding how to clean your shower curtain, you can wash safely in a standard washing machine without any worries.

Without a doubt, I am aware that you would want it to last as long as possible. To make that possible, you have to be cleaning it at close intervals. This will prevent mildew to build on the curtain. For this particular shower curtain, you don’t need a separate liner to start making use of it.

  • No need for additional or separate rings
  • No need for a separate liner
  • Easy to clean vinyl material

  • Could be clinging without magnet

In a Nutshell:

This is the best vinyl shower curtain for clawfoot tub under $50. It is very easy to install. With this, you can keep all bathwater within your tub.

D&L Vinyl Shower Curtain for a Clawfoot Tub

Here is another vinyl claw foot tub shower curtain that is probably within your reach in terms of affordability. To make it slightly outstanding among other competitors, this one comes with opaque magnets. According to the manufacturer, the weight is just about 6 pounds only.

Unlike some others found within these shower curtain reviews, has 36 stainless grommets. Practically, you can be using this product either a liner or the curtain itself.

One thing that I found from past buyers is that you’ll get exactly what was in the picture at the point of order. The length is 70 inches while the width stands at 180 inches.

  • Lightweight vinyl material
  • Opaque magnets
  • Comparatively lower price

  • Could be too long for some people

In a Nutshell:

The opaque vinyl material makes it attractive to some people. Moreover, it is one of the few good options you can buy under $40. Besides, it is the D-shaped rings makes it suitable for varying shapes and design of clawfoot tubs.

Ambesonne Antique Shower Curtain

Polyester shower curtain comes in different colors and designs. When you buy this clawfoot tub curtain, you’ll get strong free hooks and there is no need for any liner at all. On the curtain itself, you’ll find a very unique design that makes it outstanding among other competing counterparts.

Regardless of usage frequency, it has been proven to be waterproof. This feature adds to its long-lasting life span even though there is no warranty on it.

Just in case you are wondering if the plastic curtain is required, no is my answer. It is very easy to set this up with the hooks. Both on the manufacturer website and Amazon, you’ll find lots of matching bath mat.

Irrespective of how long you use this before washing, you don’t have to deal with any bad smell at all. Like many others, it is machine washable.

  • Elegant and outstanding design
  • Waterproof polyester material

  • The curtain flaps a lot because there are no holes in the corner

In a Nutshell:

If you are looking for where to buy a shower curtain with quality image design, you can find this one on Amazon. The inside fabric is also said to be water-resistant.

Danty Home Shower Curtain

Are you among the people actively looking for cheap polyester shower curtain under $30? Look no further. As part of the intentional design, the top of the curtain looks very transparent. The shower liner for clawfoot tub is said to be perfectly removable which makes it suitable for any bathroom space.

To make installation very easy for classes of users, there are 12 identical holes in the header. These holes are meant for matching clips, hooks or rings.

Please note that there are no magnets or weights on this one. Moreover, there is no warranty on this product. Bear that in mind before you click the buy now button. Perhaps, you should check Amazon’s return and replacement policies if you are a new user of their retail website.

The width and length of this product stand at 70″ x 70″. Hence, there is no need to do any length cutting when you buy the curtain.

In the case that the need for replacement liner arises in the future, you can buy the same on Amazon. Note if you ask a question about this on the product page, the seller is likely to respond with a link to affordable liners you can buy for your personal needs.

  • Detachable liner
  • Waterproof polyester fabric
  • Easy to install shower hooks

  • Very short return window

In a Nutshell:

Transparent top design makes it possible to see any person or object on the other side. Unlike some others, it doesn’t have grommets. Based on what I found, the fact that it doesn’t have magnets is not a big deal for most buyers. Finally, there won’t be any water leaks to deal with.

Riyidecor All Wrap Around Shower Curtain

Here is another polyester shower curtain meant for different sizes of a clawfoot tub. When you are ready to make your purchase, you’ll find 9 different size options to choose from. Except for the white grid stripes pattern, there are 20 other colorful designs available at the point of purchase.

Some of these colors include brown, ombre blue, pink and others. These are standard colors. However, there are some other designs with stuff like sunflower, planet, yellow castle and tropics beach.

When you buy this claw foot tub shower curtain, 32 strong hooks come with it. In terms of price, this one is priced slightly below $50. Like many others in the same category, this clawfoot shower curtain is machine washable.

  • Wide variety of designs
  • Many unique colors and
  • Machine washable in cold water

  • Considered too long by many
  • Doesn’t match beige and lavender bathrooms

In a Nutshell:

Based on my findings, this is the only product in these shower curtain for clawfoot tub reviews that have the widest variety of colors, designs and sizes. That means there is a very big chance you’ll find at least one or two options that suits your preferences.

How To Choose Best Shower Curtain for Clawfoot Tub:

Here are some of the specific factors you should take into account before you buy clawfoot tub curtain online or offline. Understanding these things will help you make an informed purchase decision.


The question is – what size of curtain will be suitable for your clawfoot tub? The obvious thing is that the best clawfoot tubs including your own are likely to have a definite size.

Determining that size will be very important before coming to market to read clawfoot tub shower curtain reviews. Meanwhile, you’ll find different options ranging between 36 x 72 to 180 x 70 in terms of width and length.

The Track:

Practically, this one has to do with the actual setup of the curtain itself. Before you commit to buy this product, consider how the tracks match up with the hooks.

While some tracks do come in a rectangular shape, others are made in a circular shape. It is also important to note the number of tracks and as well as the shower curtain hooks.

Vinyl or Cloth:

For some people, the type of shower curtain that will suit their need is already known perfectly. Here is the reason why a good number of potential buyers often come into the market looking for some specific type of shower curtain material.

From my findings, vinyl materials are known to be very easy to clean and it doesn’t breed mold and mildew as much; just like others.

Inner and outer shower curtains:

In most cases, the inner curtain which is sometimes called a liner is used to control the flow of water into the clawfoot tub. This one is usually made of vinyl material. And that’s the core thing that prevents the breeding of mold and mildew on the main decorative cotton material.


Just like we have established in this buyer guide, the best shower curtain for clawfoot tub comes in different colors, designs and sizes. Paramount among all other factors is the main material that each product is made of. From the list here, you’ll find good options to buy whether you are looking for polyester or vinyl shower curtain.

It is also very important that you consider the measurement, track, the inner and outer side of the one you want to buy. Reading and thinking through all these things on the product page will help you to select the one that will suit the size of your clawfoot tub.

Finally, don’t forget to test the hooks and everything else upon arrival. So that you’ll have sufficient time for return and replacement in case of any defects.

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