How to Get Out of Stains From Carpet

How to Get Out of Stains From Carpet

Let’s face it my carpets needed some help! They’ve been spilled on, trampled with dirt, and even gone to the bathroom on. My kids and dogs have done a number on my once beautiful floors! I went searching for a natural, homemade carpet cleaner! The store-bought cleaners are always full of chemicals that I didn’t want to expose my family too. Check out reviews of multi-floor vacuums if you need to remove dust and dirt from the floor.

I finally found something that was homemade and ACTUALLY worked! It also didn’t leave my home stinking for hours after I cleaned them! Most of the things that you need for this recipe are probably right in your pantry, and if not can be picked up from Amazon for a VERY cheap price.


11 cup white vinegar – This is known to get out those tough stains, and if you have pets like I do… It does wonders! The deodorising properties of this potent ingredient help tackle those stains. It is also safe to use in most fabrics!
22 cups of water – We need that water because of the potency of the vinegar. This is used to dilute.
32 tsp salt – This is used to bind the stain! If you’ve spilled WINE OR grape juice you can pour the salt right onto the stain. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then Vacuum. Then treat with the mixture!
415 drops of lavender essential oil, or another CLEAR essential oil – This is my personal favourite! This oil adds even more deodorising properties that work to tackle bacteria and viruses in your carpet. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY it is safe for the kids and pets.


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  • Combine vinegar and water in a large spray bottle
  • Add in salt and lavender essential oil
  • Cap and shake
  • Spray on carpets liberally, shaking bottle frequently between sprays
  • Allow carpets to dry
  • Vacuum treated areas

Helpful Tips:

  • For a fresh liquid, spill remembers to blot up as much of the excess liquid before treating. NEVER RUB….this will make the stain set.
  • For a solid stain ALWAYS pick up as much of it as possible
  • And Lastly, if it is a TOUGH stain, spray the mixture right onto the stain.

Voila! Your carpets should look amazing again! This has truly been a lifesaver in my home! No more stressing out about spills and grime. I can’t believe that three simple ingredients could make such a difference. But if you are like my husband and like to bring in a professional to do the dirty work, check out! He has had them come MANY times while I was away, and I have to say I was very impressed with the job that was done!