The 7 Best Menthol Cigarettes Reviews (2020 Updated)

Menthol Cigarette Reviews

When searching for the best menthol cigarettes reviews, there are chances that you are a beginner or just following recommendations from friends, family or coworkers.

In most cases, such recommendations are usually based on satisfactory experience that other people have derived from it.

Assuming you are not looking for a specific one among the best menthol cigarettes brands, our highlight of the top-rated options will prove useful.

Regardless of the one you buy eventually you are sure of getting that minty flavour that gives real satisfying taste when the craving calls.

Practically, deciding whether you want to buy per carton or pack will make it easier to find the best cigarettes price that is suitable for your current needs.

Interestingly, all of the products you’ll find below were selected from the best types of cigarettes on Amazon.

Best Menthol Cigarettes Reviews 2020:

American Billy – Menthol Green Tea Herbal Cigarettes

According to the manufacturer, this one is assumed to be the first herbal green cigarette in the US. As one of the best nicotine-free cigarettes, this one is meant to serve smokers in different contexts.

For example, if you are interested in gradual quitting of addiction to nicotine, this is a great option for you.

In the case that you are actively looking for where to buy green tea cigarettes online, you’ll find this one on Amazon.

  • Costs 60% less than regular harsh tobacco
  • Good for starter and veteran smokers alike
  • Throat soothing menthol flavor

  • Disgusting scent complained by some users

Bottom line:

Even though you may get the same feeling of being smoker, the smoothness of the menthol flavor makes it appealing for many people. According to some users found through my research, one thing you’ll notice is the gradual decline of the strong desire for regular tobacco cigarettes.

Zen Menthol King Cigarette Tubes

At a certain point, you may begin to notice that you are spending a good amount of money on cigarettes.

Looking at individual packs, it may not count as much. But when you compound the numbers over some time, it adds up.

Here is one reason why some people are keenly interested in finding the best way to quit smoking.

The interesting thing is that the requirements of using these tubes indirectly reduce cigarette consumption regular basis. Hence it saves money as well.

  • Attractive quality tubes
  • Burns nicely
  • Up to 200 tubes
  • Saves real money

  • Return not allowed
  • not the best packaging

Bottom line:

If saving money is your foremost priority, this one offers you a great deal. Moreover, you can be able to alter your smoking habits favourably.

Premier Supermatic King Size Menthol Cigarette

Are you looking for the best menthol cigarettes brands?

Here is an interesting contender that has been around for a long time in the market. Looking at it from the outside, the perfect wrapping makes Premier Supermatic King Size attractive.

The slow-burning ratio makes it last long enough to give you that satisfying taste you want.

  • Mild and pleasant smoke that doesn’t strain the eyes
  • Proven to be good for rehab centers that allow smoking
  • Saves a good amount of money in comparison to regular cigarettes

  • Thin papers complained by some users

Bottom line:

The task of making your cigarettes takes a certain amount of time. Interestingly, many people find this to be the extra nudge. They need to reduce the number of cigarettes they consume in each passing day or month.

Beretta Menthol King Size Cigarette Tubes

For some reasons, some people have a preference for white tube in this context.

If you are one of those people, Beretta Menthol King Size is for you. Like many others found among the best tasting menthol cigarettes reviews, it comes with 200 tubes per box.

Expectedly, the filter is mentholated to give light smoke drawing experience when you are ready for the fun.

According to the manufacturer, the said 17mm filter is 15% longer than many other king-size filters you’ll find in the market.

  • Outstanding filter quality
  • High quality papers

  • The filter gets heated very often

Bottom line:

If you have been looking for where to buy menthol cigarette tubes online, look no further. By following the link below, you’ll find Beretta Menthol King Size on Amazon. From the filter to the paper and packaging, you are sure of getting a satisfactory smoking experience from it.

 Honeyrose Menthol Tobacco

Here is another nicotine-free herbal cigarette that is good for that purpose you have in mind. Inside the pack, you’ll get 20 organic made sticks that are also proven to be additive-free.

All these means you can get a satisfactory smoking experience why doing away with harmful nicotine content.

Even though it may not be that popular, Honeyrose remains one of the best organic herbal cigarette brands you’ll find in the market.

Among other things, it is perfectly filtered and packed for your smoking pleasure – when you need it.

  • Made of organic materials
  • Proven to be nicotine and additive-free
  • The very light menthol flavor
  • Minimizes nicotine craving over time

  • Burns noticeably faster

Top Menthol RYO King Size Cigarette Tubes

Unlike some others in the same category, this one comes with 250 filter-tipped cigarette tubes in the box.

During the research, I found that this product was made in Canada. In terms of quality, the other product that can be compared with it is the Zen Menthol King Size.

  • A higher number of quality tubes
  • Comparatively more affordable
  • Good and fast customer service

  • Weak paper

Bottom line:

For people interested in getting higher value for the same amount of money you’ll pay to buy other competing products this is the deal to go for.

Royal Majestic Cigarette Tubes

Menthol cigarette tubes come in different shapes and sizes. However, the real thing which is the menthol flavor can hardly be equal when two or more of these products are compared side by side.

Interestingly, what better comparison can we take rather the experience and statements of past verified buyers?

This what I found during my research. In simple terms, Royal Majestic is among the best options that give you very light and throat soothing smoke when you are ready for the draw.

  • 200 tubes per carton
  • Strong packaging that withstands shipping dents
  • Good for starters and veterans alike
  • Very cheap price

  • The filter gets heated very easily

Bottom line:

Because of the variation in return policies many people choose Royal Majestic based on the proven capacity to withstand shipping dents. In some location, this product may be hard to find in your local retail stores. And that’s one main reason why some smokers commit to buy menthol cigarette on Amazon.

Advantages of Menthol Cigarettes Over Regular Cigarettes

To every non-smoker, almost all forms of smoking are judged to be harmful. But for experienced smokers and people keenly interested in cigarette smoking experimentation, menthol and regular cigarettes are never the same. Here are some reasons:

Nicotine Reduction

For regular cigarettes with 100%, the harmful effects of smoking might be experienced sooner than menthol. Reduction of nicotine and maximum use of menthol gives you longer time for smoking pleasure.

Low Level Harshness

With every single stick, the level of harshness in the lungs and heart cannot be compared in terms of menthol vs regular cigarettes. Menthol provides cool effects both on the tongue, lungs and heart.

Best For Beginners

Both for young and old people alike interested in smoking, menthol cig is the best to start with. This is based on the light flavoured smoke that can be experienced in each draw.

How To Store And Maintain Menthol Cigarettes

Depending on the size of carton or number of cartons you want to store, there are some specific things you can do to store your menthol cigarettes. For experienced smokers, you may want to skip this section of the best menthol cigarettes reviews.

Meanwhile, here are the things you can do. Buy a sizeable nylon storage bag.

Put your carton or packs of menthol cigarettes inside and tie the mouth. Keep it in a dry spot in your house. It could be a drawer, wardrobe or travel bag.

To maintain the freshness over a long period, you may consider getting a humidifier for the room.

As for the ones you’ll be using from time to time, buying a cigarette pack holder will be useful.

Doing these things will prevent the eventual loss of the real flavor that separates menthol from regular cigarettes. Additionally, check our smokeless ashtray reviews for your indoor and outdoor use.


Without being informed enough, you may not be able to tell the difference between menthol cigarettes and regular cigarettes.

However, I can only that’s the reason why you are here to read the best menthol cigarette reviews in addition to other related information.

For starters, this could help you experience a smooth transition into becoming a smoker. The is that you’ll have less harmful effects to worry about.

In the case that you have been a smoker for some time now, a little kind of personal experiment with this could surprise you. In effect, you may be surprised to discover how easy it is to reduce your tobacco and nicotine consumption on a daily or monthly basis. Finally, you are sure of saving some money as well.