What Types of Rooms Are in a House?

Types of Room In a House

Depending on the type of house you live in, you may be familiar with some types of rooms. I can assure you that the list goes beyond what you are familiar with.

If you know about 5 or 10 rooms, then I am here to tell you that there is more. We will talk about all of them in this article. You may consider adding these rooms to your home plan if you decide to build your home.

We will not only talk about the types of rooms; we will also talk about their use. Relax as we introduce you to certain room types you have probably not thought of.

Living Room

Living room is like the reception of your home. This place is where you host visitors, and the family also catches up there. Most people put a lot of effort into designing their living rooms because they create an impression of their homes.

This room is the most accessible; it is usually the first room when you are entering the house. The living room features a TV, sound system, and other entertainment systems if the home has one.



Even the simplest homes have this type of room.

Bedroom is the most important room, and it can be located anywhere in the house. Luxury homes usually have a master bedroom and then other smaller bedrooms. Now master bedrooms are more than just sleeping areas.

They have fireplaces and sitting areas. Average bedroom size, layouts and designs differ because they are based on individual preferences. However, people mostly prioritise their comfort in setting up their bedrooms.

Guest Room

A guest room is a spare room that is already well furnished for visitors. If you don’t want to stress yourself out with sleeping arrangements for family members and friends who visit your home and sleepover, a guest room is absolutely necessary.

It can also be located at any part of the house. It is another bedroom except that you will not use it on a regular basis.

Family Room

Family Room Types

The family room, also known as a den, is just an extension of the living room. For people who can afford another living room, the family room is a good idea. In most cases, family members spend time with friends or colleagues in the family room.

So while the living room acts as reception, the family room acts more like a hangout area. The family room is not as formal as the living room, and it can be located far away from the entrance of the home.

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Dining Room

Although recent home designs feature a more open layout where dining areas are part of the sitting room, the dining area is not entirely lost to modern homes.

Dining room is reserved only for meals, and it features a table and seats for dining. Some of these rooms are elegant with a long narrow table and chairs. You will see this in a luxurious home where there are frequent special dinners.

Ideally, the dining room should be located on the first floor, and it should be close to the kitchen. It will be inconvenient to be carrying food up or downstairs or climbing up to have a meal.


Kitchen Room

We mentioned that a bedroom is an essential room in a home. Well, a kitchen is another room that is difficult to do without.

The kitchen is where you prepare your meals and keep items related to cooking. Many people put effort into kitchen designs to make them attractive, well organised, and easy to use.

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The bathroom falls under essential rooms in the house. After all, this is where you and members of your household visit the toilet, urinate, and freshen up. There is no limit to the number of bathrooms you can have in the home.

If the house is big and it has numerous occupants, it will be convenient to have more than one bathroom. In a situation where your house has more than one floor, there should be at least one bathroom on every floor.

The design of the bathroom depends on the kind of house and personal preference.

Home Library

Home library

Although digital devices and eBooks seem to reduce the interest in printed books, there are steal homes that cannot do away with a library.

Home library is a quiet place where the family keeps its book collection. It features a sitting area where members of the household can enjoy a quiet reading time.

The design of the room is often simple since the primary attention is on the book.

However, some people try to fuse creativity into every room design. With such people, you will see bookshelves with elaborate designs and classic seats.



If you have kids and you can afford to spare a room, it will be an excellent idea to create a playroom. Kids love to have fun, and because they have a lot of energy, they tend to be active a lot.

You will not want to see them running around the living room or spreading their toys around the house.

This room is just a room where kids can have fun with their friends. A place where they can keep all their recreational equipment as well. You will not want your children running up and down the stairs when playing. It is always safer to keep this room on the first floor.

Home Office

Home office

If you are like me, who has a lot of serious business to do at home, a home office is necessary.

Home office room becomes a quiet spot, and it replicates the traditional office. Most home offices have computers, books, and comfortable seating. In most cases, this type of room is small.

After all, it only needs to accommodate a table and a chair if it is for single use. Since this place is supposed to be a quiet spot, it should be far from noisy areas such as playrooms and kitchens, if possible.

Home Gym

Gym Room

Keeping fit is vital to your health, and that is why many people take it to the next level by registering at gyms. Well, you don’t need to pay a visit to a gym in your city if you can afford to create one at home.

The gym room is usually spacious enough for you to move about very well. It also houses all your gym equipment.

Most home gym rooms have treadmills, skipping ropes, dumbbells, yoga mats, and several others that will help them to achieve their fitness goals.

Home Theatre Room

Home Theatre Room

Many people want to have a theatre experience right in their homes, and that is how the simple TV room evolved into a home theatre.

In the past, when it was identified as a TV room, it only featured a large TV and chairs.

But now, home theatre room features elaborate designs, sound systems, and other things that will enhance the viewing experience. The size of the home theatre will depend on the size of the household.

Home Bar

Home bar room

This is another type of room that brings the fun from the streets to your home.

A home bar is a place where people congregate to have a couple of drinks. It usually features a high center table with bar chairs and then a place to keep the drinks.

Today, many house owner are using best under counter beverage fridge to store all the drinks and it’s a smart choice to save space.



The basement is the lowest point of the home, and it located below ground level. If you live in an area where it is possible to create one, you can do so.

It adds space and value to your home. Many people use the basement as an extension of their storage. It can also become a shelter for the entire family during harsh weather situations such as tornadoes.


Nursery room

A nursery is a place where you can take care of your baby. Here, you can keep baby essentials, changing table, and a crib.

This is where you change your baby. If you have other friends with babies visiting, they can also use this room to take care of their babies.

Laundry Room

Laundry room

A laundry room makes it easier to do laundry. This is where you keep your washing machine and other items that you will need to do the laundry.

Many people also keep their dirty laundry there. It is convenient to clean your clothes when all you need is in one room, and you only need to go there to get it done.

Storage Room

Storage Room

If you don’t create a storage room, you may end up having a lot of things you don’t use around. Sometimes they get in the way and make your home disorganised.

A storage room is a place where you keep items you don’t use often.

Seasonal clothes and equipment, sports gears, camping gears, and any items you don’t use regularly can be kept here. Keeping these things is a organised storage room prolongs their life.

Smoking Room

Smoking Room

Smoking rooms are usually found in airports, bars, and other public areas, but if you live in a home with many non-smokers, having a smoking room can be a prudent decision. It does not need to be very big since the place is designed for smoking.

One important thing to consider when setting up a smoking room is ventilation. The place needs to be well ventilated so that the smoke does not stay there for a long time. Additionally, use best smokeless ashtray to store the ash.

Passive smoking can be dangerous, and having this room avoids this. If you have children at home, or you live with people with weak lungs, smoking rooms become a necessity.

If you cannot avoid smoking with you are around these people, you can always make use of this room.