Have something you want to share about navigating everyday life as a mom? The troubles and joys you’re going through, tips and tricks on how to organize everything?

Let us hear about it! We love to read, and if you love to love to write – we’re a match!

We are open to guest post submissions from writers who are looking for a way to reach out to mommies, wives, and travelers around the globe.

We are not accepting guest post at the moment

How-To Write The Article:

Submit the content based on a topic you feel most passionate about and share with others beyond your own followers and readers.

Before you write anything, please take some time to go through the list below:

  • The story should be in your original voice, not an idea taken from elsewhere. It cannot be judgmental or critical. Additionally, you must pass the Copyscape plagiarism test.
  • Your content cannot be a sales pitch for your blog, product or service that you offer. We are doing this to share knowledge and not for commercial benefit.
  • You are allowed to put 1 do-follow links. You should link to authority related page like Wikipedia, WikiHow,…and related websites, then 1 your link
  • An article should be more than 1200 words in length. We all know that Google loves well researched lengthy article, so we are.
  • Any approved post will be edited for grammar and formatting at our end.
  • Don’t Include any images in Word File, I choose the images myself. If you want, you can design any Pinterest sharing image.

How-To Submit The Article:

If you are able to adhere to these guidelines, then send us the article in an email as a Word attachment to peruliaa [at] gmail [dot] com. We will review and get back to you on it. We do not offer monetary recompense for submitting articles. If it’s approved, we will post it along with the batch of articles in the following month.

We are not accepting guest post at the moment